Monday , May 29 2023

Joyce Duncan

Psychics Jobs Blog Moderator

An Accurate Email Psychic Reading

In today’s fast paced world, we need convenience to keep our sanity. Getting an email reading from psychic is the height of convenience when we want to receive ideas, advice and clarity.  A psychic meeting can also help with healing and support. Most psychics are passionate about their calling  to …

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When Going To A Psychic For A Reading

Whether a face to face / sit down / personal visit, or through a phone call, chat or email – we have our own reasons for seeking the help of a psychic.   Our hearts know what intentions we had for setting out to speak to one and also what we …

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How To Motivate Him To Commit 100%

Women are often given the impression that that finding “the one” is direct and clear. He asks her out on a first date, he likes her, he asks her out again, and again. They see each other more and more. They decide to be exclusive, they make plans, they fall …

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How Much Should You Pay For A Reading?

If you’ve had very many psychic readings, you know that their prices vary wildly from free to $900 or more. That’s a pretty large price gap. But what factors determine the price of a psychic reading? Why don’t all psychics charge a universal price for readings? And, how much should …

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