Don’t Ever Lose Hope

Don’t Ever Lose Hope

Life can be chaotic, frustrating, and crazy at times, but there is never a reason to lose hope. We always have the option of prayer to God. At times, it can get frustrating to pray and seem to not get any form of answer or get an answer that we do not like, but this does not mean we should give up on God or ourselves. Patience is never in vain; we must continue to trust in God’s timing because He knows our heart and our desires and will answer when the time is right.

Praying for Years

God’s time and provision continue to amaze people around the world. I once heard a story in church about a man who had been friends with another man for over 60 years. The two had served in the military together and soon lived in the same town, living their separate lives with wives, children, and eventually grandchildren. The two men were very close and visited one another often, their families growing up together. However, one man was very dedicated to God and the other could not believe in a God that allowed war. For 60 years the first man would demonstrate God’s love toward his friend and tell him about the love of God at every opportunity without being preachy. The first man lived a full life and died at the age of 88. As family and friends gathered to mourn his passing, an invitation to accept Christ was given. The friend had heard this hundreds of times before, but in that moment he knew what his friend had been saying and accepted Christ. The friend that died first had prayed for decades for his friend, but he never saw the fruits of those prayers. However, God’s timing was perfect and the other man did accept Christ before his life was over.

Not an Expected Answer

Just as God does not necessarily answer in our time, He may also not answer in the way we expect. At times, God may even say no because our prayer is not what is best for our life. He knows best. This is demonstrated in a story about a young woman who was looking for a job that was desperately needed. The girl heard about an amazing bookkeeping job that would pay well and provide any training necessary. The girl applied and the interview went well. She got the job, but before training even began she prayed to make sure it was right. Something felt off, but there was no sign that a problem existed. Circumstances allowed the training to be postponed for several months and another job opportunity arose that did not pay as well, but would start immediately. The girl took the job and loved her work as an instructor. Less than two weeks after beginning, the original company was shut down for illegal practices. If the girl had gone to training there, she may have ended up in jail, but God provided another opportunity.


Life is full of ups and down. God is still in control, even when we feel like He has given up. Stay strong and be patient, God will answer when the time is right and in the way that best serves our lives and His purpose. Never lose the faith because it will carry us through.