Long-Distance Readings: How Do They Work?

Long-Distance Readings

If you’ve ever wondered how a psychic can perform a long-distance reading or thought that a psychic couldn’t perform a reading over the phone or through a computer, then keep reading. This is definitely the article for you.

This is probably one of the questions that psychics get asked the most often. First, let’s get one thing straight: the psychic doesn’t connect with you through the phone or a computer. That’s simply the method that is used to communicate with you. As far as that’s concerned, the hardware is inconsequential because many powerful psychics could communicate with you telepathically if you were capable of receiving the messages and responding back.

Psychics connect to people in a different realm or on a plane that’s separate from the earthly realm. This realm holds all metaphysical information and is the source of all psychic and spiritual knowledge. This Universal Source of Higher Consciousness goes by many names and is expressed by many cultures and beliefs.

There are 3 planes or dimensions on earth that our human senses can normally detect, and a fourth dimension is a time. But, there are dimensions beyond these 4. In Quantum Physics, String Theory suggests that there are at least 11 other dimensions other than the 4 we know.

Powerful psychics have a Sixth Sense that allows them to reach one of these other planes or dimensions. We’re all connected to it; it’s just that some of us know how to get there or are able to get there easier than other people. Since we’re all connected to the plane, psychics can connect to people in the plane.

The internet is a good analogy for the plane. Once a psychic is connected to it, they can get messages from people. All that a psychic needs in order to connect with you on this plane are something like your name, your voice, or a picture. This information is a bit like giving them your IP address so that they can locate you and connect with you.

During a reading, once a psychic has connected with you, they increase their energy vibration. This is a bit like increasing the bandwidth, allowing information and energy to flow. They’re also able to sort of download and decrypt information they receive from you and the Source.

This is not only how psychics operate but mediums, as well. The main difference in how these two types of intuitives that connect to people is that psychics use these methods to connect to the living, while mediums use them to connect to the dead.

And, now you know. It doesn’t matter how much distance is between you and the psychic; they can still perform the reading because they can access another plane or dimension to perform the reading. So, you could be on the other side of the world, and a powerful psychic could still perform a reading for you.