Prayer as the Greatest Gift


Everyone loves getting gifts and giving them can be just as special, but the greatest gift of all cannot be wrapped, worn, or displayed on a shelf. The greatest gift someone can offer or receive is that or prayer. Though it may seem old fashioned for some to hear the words, “I will pray for you,” it is far from an outdated offer. When someone offers to pray for you it means that they care and have such affection towards you that they will talk to God about you.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is quite simply talking to God. Some people choose to keep this pretty formal, but more see God as a Father and friend that can be talked to as someone that is sitting beside them and listening as they discuss what is happening in their lives. Just as we share our struggles, joys, and concerns with close friends, prayer allows us to share with God. When someone offers to pray for you, take it as a show of affection strong enough that they are willing to discuss you with the Creator of the universe. There is no greater compliment than knowing you are important enough to be shared with someone so great and that the person making the offer is going to continue to have you on their mind long after your conversation has ended.

How is Prayer a Gift?

Prayer is a gift at different levels and in different ways. Prayer is a gift that can be freely given when nothing and everything is available. Prayer is free as far as money, but can cost the person making the offer time, effort, and thought. These are all things that are priceless because they cannot be renewed. Prayer is therefore a priceless gift. For the person being offered prayer it is also a gift. Prayer is a gift that is wishing you a better life and better path forward, but also abundance and blessings. Prayer is the knowledge that someone is taking time out of their day to think about you and discuss you with God. For those that do not believe in God, prayer may seem meaningless, but for those that do, God is hearing your name and focusing on you in a very specific way. God wants to hear about His children and prayer is the way this happens. So, in a way, prayer is offering you eternity in paradise. Prayer is reaching out in faith to receive answers on someone else’s behalf and for their benefit.

How to Respond

When someone offers you the gift of prayer, accept it openly and with a pure heart. Some people may see it as a cop-out or an insult when someone can only offer prayer, but that could be the best offer you receive. Just as with gifts you appreciate not for how much they cost, but the intention behind them, prayer is something heart felt and special. So, the next time someone says they will pray for you, smile and know you are worth their time and on their mind.