Using Crystals for Decisions

Crystals for Decisions

Making decisions in life can be confusing and overwhelming at times, but with the help of crystals you can make decisions in the area of career, business, and relationships with the best crystals. We often reach a point in our lives when we are facing a crossroads and have many options, but are uncertain which choice to make. The confusion can leave us unable to decide but we must thoroughly consider each choice because the right one can make us, but the wrong one can cause damage to our well-being. The good news is crystals and gemstones can help us make the best decisions for our lives. Crystals and gemstones help by emptying our minds of anxiety, fear, and worry, allowing us to replace the negativity with stability and a tranquil feeling so we can make the best possible decisions. Read on to learn which crystals can help the most in different areas.

The Best Crystals for Decision Making

We get to where we are in life because we made specific decisions and they worked out in one way or another. Whether we are trying to find a new path, decide which person to spend our lives with, or choose a career, we need to make the best choice. We make these types of decisions every day, big and small. Check out each crystal below to understand the best way to gain help.

  • Azurite – Azurite is the stone of possibilities and is a beautiful gift of nature that comes in blue. This stone is most associated with the third eye chakra and helps to sharpen your focus while broadening your views to help you see thing smore clearly. Azurite can improve your inner dreams and visions to help you make the right decisions. Azurite will help you view potential opportunities from afar which makes it excellent for your profession, business, or career. Azurite can further enhance new learning concepts, maximizes connections and opportunities, and helps with developing innovative ideas.
  • Blue Topaz – Blue topaz is the gemstone of opportunity in a variety of blue shades. Blue topaz is most associated with communication, wisdom, and finding your way to opportunity and success. Blue topaz is used to alleviate fear and worry as it invites you to trust in your inner power and find your good fortune. Blue topaz is the rarest form of topaz and is mined in many deep corners of the earth. Blue topaz is known for its healing properties and can help you overcome fears, especially those associated with communication. When you need to make a decision and express yourself, this is the stone to choose.
  • Green Tourmaline – Green Tourmaline is perfect when you are easily distracted because it helps provide focus and tunnel vision that will help you move forward. Wearing or carrying green tourmaline helps you to be decisive and certain of the choices you make in each area of life. In addition, green tourmaline can provide a heightened sense of awareness that will help you grow into your highest sense of self as you follow your heart’s desire. To further expand your manifestation powers and drive, pair green tourmaline with pyrite.
  • Rutile Quartz – Rutilated quartz has long been considered worthless by miners because it was not pure, but the ethereal beauty of this form of quartz has been compared to shimmering angel’s hair. Rutilated quartz is made up of rutile and quartz and the combined energy means the healing properties and benefits of both are present. Rutile quarts is known to foster clarity of thought, guide decisive action, and promote greater insight with creativity. The crystal is believed to aid in manifesting the positive desires of the holder which means it is often used when someone is seeking financial prosperity.  The crystal can further ward off fear and anxiety.
  • Phantom Quartz – Phantom quartz has a cloudy appearance but an alluring vibration that can drawn you in with ease. Phantom quartz is best when you need deep emotional healing and the ability to trust your gut intuition. Phantom quartz helps us connect to the world and bond with living things. Most associated with the crown chakra the phantom quartz is an extremely spiritual stone that filters divine wisdom from the highest realms.
  • Chiastolite – Chiastolite is a stone with a medium to dark brown color with a black or green cross shape. Chiastolite is used to provide strength during hard times or when making difficult choices. Chiastolite is a protective stone that will protect you from negative energies to keep you safe and secure. This is the idea stone when you face a crossroads in life.

No matter which stone or crystal you choose, try wearing or meditating with the stone to focus your thoughts, clear your mind, and find the answers you desire.