Helping a Ghost Leave Your Home

Ghost Leave Your Home

Some people believe in ghosts and spirits and others do not. If you believe in ghosts and spirits, it may be because you have experienced one in your own home. Sometimes these spirits are not an issue, but other times they are unwelcome and you just need a way to help them find their way out. If you want to rid your space of an unwanted ghost or spirit, there are several simple solutions you can try without the help of a professional, like turning your broomstick upside down. Learn more here.

Ask or Demand The Entity Leave

Though this sounds simple, ghosts often do not realize they are unwanted or even ghosts. The easiest place to start is to simply ask them to leave. Do not be angry or fearful when asking the ghost to leave, but do be firm and certain with your intentions. Many times, simply being clear and firm is enough to get an unwanted guest to become aware and make their way out of your space. However sometimes ghosts and spirits are a bit more stubborn and persistent so you may have to be stern in your request. Once the request is made, ignore the spirit and any activities that may occur. A cold should for the entity sends a strong message.


Smudging and burning incense can often help a spirit find its way out of your home. The most common and effective form of smudging is with sage, typically white sage which is lit and allowed to smoke as you walk through the home. If using sage for smudging, make sure to open a few windows and doors for practical reasons, like not setting off your smoke detectors. Also ensure that you are not allergic to sage because some allergic reactions can be severe. Smudging is known to clear negative energy and spirits from homes. Make sure to go around doorways and opening to the home. When burning sage make sure to carry a tray below the bundle of sage to catch embers. As you smudge, clearly state your intention with a firm voice.

White Candles

Sage is not the only thing that can be burned for a spiritual cleanse. White candles can also keep supernatural beings at bay because they emote a positive energy. Light small white votives in every room to extinguish the darkness, literally and figuratively.

Salt and White Roses

Both salt and white roses can be used alone to help rid your home of evil spirits, but they also pair well. White roses are able to suck supernatural activity out of a home and after they die, through them out immediately and then rinse salt down the drain to make sure all negativity goes with it. Using salt alone is just as simple. Sprinkle salt along the entrances of your home to keep spirits out. This can be especially helpful after smudging or using other cleansing methods.

If you still feel an evil presence after trying the methods listed above, contact a professional to help.