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How I undertake email tarot readings

I undertake many email readings. The reason why clients love them is that they are affordable and I respond fast. There’s no waiting as you’ll get your answer within 48hours.

Here is how I operate with the tarot in the online world

Immediately I receive payment, I email my clients to confirm that I have gotten it and ask them to send questions as soon as possible. I answer these questions in the order in which they come in, so there’s a line. At times I’m diligent about communicating so you are likely not to hear from me.

Prep time

I have to be ready before I start an email reading. My little ritual is simple:

  • I get a mug of tea
  • Light a candle
  • Make sure there’s no noise in the room

Undertaking the reading

After opening the email, I take two or a minute reading the question. I have to comprehend the question fully and feel the vitality of the client. If you are curious, know that email readings carry energy too. Energy is energy and anything a person feels, they feel it when typing their questions which comes loud and clear. You’ll know what I mean if you are energy sensitive.

The next thing I do is read the questions over and over again as I shuffle the deck. I put it upside down and pause. I cut the deck into three piles and put them back together again as I look at the question.

I stick to three or four card readings for email readings. This is the reason why. It gives me room to be fast and concise feedback tend to be more effective. Labored and long answers may look impressive but a clear and to the point answer seems to hit the point home without thinking twice.

I then lay the cards in front of me and take a minute to assess them.

Then, I start typing. When I hit the keyboard, I’m in an altered state of mind. That’s why the room I’m in need to be silent. I’m easily distracted by any disturbance. It should look like a monastery while I hit the keyboard.

I edit my work after typing my answer. I do not engage an editor to edit my work because my work is between me and my client therefore, nobody should see it. The client’s information should be confidential.

When sure that its all good, I hit send. Delete the email and move on. I prefer starting on a clean slate, I, therefore, don’t hang on to email readings. That keeps me objective.

It takes me 20 minutes to complete this process. I love doing my readings in batches. Because when I’m in the groove, I’m way in and I hate stopping that flow.

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