Getting Ready to Remove Karma

Remove Karma

Karma is a word that means action or deed. It is known in different religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. There are other religions that believe in karma and how it affects the life of those around it.

Good or Bad Karma?

Karma comes in all situations. When there is good karma, it means that you are living your best life, being kind and loving to others and living in positivity. Negative karma comes when you are living your life for only yourself or letting your ego control you or treat others terrible.

The actions that you do and the way that you think can cause karma to happen. If you keep having the same things happen over and over then chances are that your karma is in a cycle because you aren’t changing.

You can take action and change the negativity in your life, and this will help you to be happy and help you to get blessed and to have good karma.

Good Karma

Good karma is when you are positive, and you take actions to live a good life for yourself and others.

Bad Karma

Bad karma happens when you are being negative and when you are treating others poorly.

Kinds of Karma

There are different kinds of karma including:

• Prarabdha.
• Sanchita.
• Agami.
• Vardaman.


This is the kind of karma that is older and more mature. This karma is there and will keep following you in your life. No matter what kind of action you take, the universe knows, and you cannot escape this kind of karma in your life.


Sanchita karma is one that means to be piled up. This is actions that you have done that have gathered up and accumulated and then you have to pay back the karma. This can even be past life karma. Unlike Prarabdha karma, Sanchita karma can be changed if you meditate, do yoga, and change the way that you are living.


Agami karma is also known as Kriyamanya and is the karma that is happening in the now. It is karma that has to do with the actions that you are taking both negative and positive.


This is karma that you are dealing with right now. It helps you to know how to live a better future and to plant positivity in your life so that your future can be good.

Karma and the Spiritual World

Karma is related to your spiritual being and one works with the other. A person that has reached his or her enlightenment have often matured past the negative karma that they have already faced in the past.

What Makes Karma?

Here are some of the reasons that you have karma:

  • Ancestors: This means the soul group that you are born in, and it lasts your whole life.
  • Vedic Astrology: This is the chart of your birth and your energies.
  • Past Life: When you start your new life you will bring the past life karma with you.
  • Thoughts and Actions: These are the things that cause you to have karma.

How to Get Rid of Karma

Here are some ways you can get rid of some of your karma:


This kind of karma will come in your soul group and can get stuck. This is when your soul will try to find an ancestor to help them to pay back this karma. This will happen when you have thoughts and desires that you aren’t fulfilling.

Make an offering to the ancestors and see if they will help you.

Vedic Astrology

This is your astrological chart that is given to you as regards where the planets were when you were born. This is a chart that works with karma and will stay with you for a lifetime. This kind of astrology and karma can be negative and positive, and you need to make sure that you are living your life the best when the planets are in certain positions.

Past Life

Past life karma can cause you to have patterns in your life. This can cause you to have negativity in your life and cause you to react in a good or bad way. The great thing is that you have a choice in how you react, and this can stop you from going through patterns.

Thoughts and Actions

The thoughts and actions that you have right now will cause you to have current life karma. This is how you think and the actions that you do. You have to be careful about how you are living your life so that you don’t add more karma to yourself.

Final Thoughts

You can get rid of bad karma by watching how you live and how you choose to see life. If you are negative, you will cause your karma to add up. Karma is something that you cannot avoid but you can make sure that you have karma that is good that is filling your life as you fulfill your destiny.