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Can We Change the Future?

Have you ever had a psychic reading that resulted in an outcome that you didn’t like? If you have, you were probably left wondering if you could change it.

Can We Change the Future?Psychic readings reflect where you were at the very moment the reading was conducted. The psychic tunes in to your energy at that moment. Based on this, the psychic can see the likelihoods that will play out.

If the questions you raised in the reading concern another person you need to understand that soul connections between people can change at any time. We can’t influence other people’s karmic paths or their free will no matter how much pain we are in, or how badly we want to be with them again.

Readings are designed to empower us. So no matter how accurate they are, they are not set in stone. Be wary of psychics who insist that you’re not “destined” to have or to experience something in this lifetime. This isn’t empowerment. Empowerment is about your belief system and your capacity to create your own future. Even if your reader has an impeccable reputation, it’s critical to have trust in what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Sometimes readers channel specific information that we need to consider. This information may prevent us from continuing on the wrong path, or it may enable us to change the long-term habits and patterns that have been holding us back.

If you’ve received a reading that revealed an unappealing outcome so you’re bouncing among other readers, or repeating the same question to try and achieve a different outcome, or you’re conducting the same reading over and over on your own, you need to stop. Shifting energy requires you to release the outcome and to trust that no matter what happens, the universe does have a plan for you and that you can trust in the wisdom of that plan. Understand that nothing about the future is set in stone. Everyone has free will. So focus your energy in a positive direction.

Next, you need to take action. This may mean taking action that’s not directly related to your issue. As an example, if you’ve suffered the end of a relationship, constantly calling or texting your ex may distance them even further away from you. You may even get served with a restraining order.

Focus your energy on other areas of your life, such as your friends, your career, or anything else that brings you joy and peace. Then have the trust to let the universe take care of everything else. If your ex really is the one for you, they will return to you. If not, you need to trust that the universe will direct new love your way at just the right time.

When we release the outcome, we’re placed in the path of an incredible amount of raw potential. If you could only see it, you would be overwhelmed by the array of possibilities that exist for you! Releasing the outcome opens you up to see options that you may have previously been blind to. Releasing allows you to reconnect with your wise inner self that tells you the base truth of an outcome. This ultimately is the voice that you must trust. But you can only tune in to it if you are in a place of calmness and openness.

We absolutely can change the future!

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