About Us

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I panic when I don’t have my phone. We’ve all done it- you go to reach for your phone, and it’s not in your pocket, or your bottomless bag, and your heart drops a little. Ditto for when you drop your phone and hope the screen hasn’t cracked for the third time, or when you accidentally leave it at a restaurant, or worse- when you leave it at home and still continue to reach for it, hearing the phantom ringtone all night long.

We might be caught up in technology, but it’s not always a bad thing. However, when I found myself scrolling through my phone rather than listening to the person across the table from me or answering an email when I should have been paying attention to the movie, or… the list goes on. With all this information at our fingertips, it’s amazing that I often came away from my screen having made no improvement to my actual life.

I wanted to change that.

My name is Joyce Duncan, and I started e-mailreadings.com so that part of my day could be spent actually improving my life, rather than just staring at a screen. I wanted to impact other peoples’ lives as well, but with more than just a marketing scheme or a quick newsletter update.

The idea for this website came from the fact that technology is an awesome way to reach people. It can be quick, easy, and takes less time than an in-person meeting or a conversation over the phone can. For psychics and other spiritual readers, diversifying the ways in which a reading can take place can allow them to expand their psychic abilities and reach more clients, too.

A lot of people don’t have time to get a psychic reading over the phone or in person, but they still want a way in which they can ask questions and receive insight into their lives and individual journeys. Email readings are beneficial to people who are on the go, and they give both psychic readers and clients enough time to really contemplate questions and answers.

Email readings are also beneficial because you have a written record of your reading to look back on. Often times spiritual readings don’t make sense right away, but they can become clearer with a bit of time.

I have found that online psychic readings can be incredibly helpful not only for myself, but for the many people who have tried this method. Keep reading if you’re interested!

-Joyce Duncan