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Five Warning Signs of an Untrustworthy Psychic

Five Warning Signs of an Untrustworthy PsychicPeople often tell stories about consulting in-person or online with a psychic and heard something suspicious during their reading. Some people even report hearing dire warnings of impending tragedy and doom that can only be averted by paying the psychic suspiciously large amounts of cash.

There definitely are warning signs to watch for when consulting with psychics or others involved in the esoteric and metaphysical arts. Let’s explore five things you wouldn’t ever hear from a genuine and trustworthy psychic.

You’re Cursed or Possessed

This almost sounds too crazy to be true, right? But frequent cautionary tales abound warning people against psychics who’ve said these very things. The psychics not only scare their clients into thinking they’re possessed, but they also stress that they are the only person that could possibly help. For a couple hundred bucks now, and a couple hundred more next week, they’ll assuredly be able to exorcize those pesky demons.

As if that’s not bad enough, they frequently warn their clients not to tell anybody else about the arrangement, explaining that it might anger the demons, and make it more difficult to get rid of them! If a psychic lays this typical bait-and-switch tactic on you, leave and don’t ever go back.

A common variation on this storyline is that you’re cursed, and this particular psychic is the only person who could possibly alleviate it. You could actually be cursed, but it’s likely you’d already know if you are. So if you actually are, any competent metaphysical practitioner could help you out.

The issue usually doesn’t deal with the reader’s competency as psychic, but rather with their honesty as a professional and a businessperson. Do they charge a fair rate for their time and skills? Or do they demand you to pay exorbitant up front, because they claim they’re the only person who could help you? If it’s the latter, run away. Fast.

Somebody Wants to Hurt or Kill You

Anybody who’s ever worked as a Tarot reader or psychic would attest that there aren’t many certainties in the business. Any well-trained intuitive Tarot reader or psychic could look at a spread of cards and discern warnings. But those warnings usually aren’t very specific.

A psychic may perceive hints that somebody you trust is being untruthful, is planning to betray you, or that you face danger in your relationship. But an honest psychic would never tell you that somebody wants to kill you. That’s way too specific to foresee. If there’s negative information, they certainly should share it with you along with the more positive things. But beware of any reader who tells you things that specific.

You’re a Terrible Person

Sometimes we hear of people becoming distraught after a psychic reading. It may have started out fairly well, but by the end, the reader has admonished and scolded the client so harshly that the client feels like a terrible person and leaves the reading in tears over some mistake in life that the psychic fixated on and wouldn’t let go.

Here’s the deal. Genuine psychics won’t judge you. They strive to offer practical consultations, to help you assess the situations you face, and to discern both the possible and the most likely outcomes. They aren’t there to berate or belittle you, to point fingers, or to shame you. There certainly may be times when a psychic says things that you may not like. But there are significant differences between sharing difficult truths in situations and being downright hateful. Good psychics know how to leave their personal biases and opinions out of their consultations.

You’re Terminally Ill

It’s terrible that this has to be addressed. But all too often, psychics tell people that they have some terminal illness. One heartbreaking Reddit post recently asked, “A psychic told me that I have Stage IV cancer and that I only have a few months left to live. I have two young children. What should I do?”

The short answer is, go to a medical doctor, and don’t ever go back to that psychic!

If a psychic reader ever says you have a specific disease, you definitely should second-guess them. A good psychic certainly can tell if you or somebody in your family is facing an illness. They should say something like, “I’m concerned a family of yours may be facing a health issue. Is everybody current on their medical checkups?”

Even if the psychic does discern that somebody close to will soon face death, they should never tell you that Grandpa will be gone by next week. A far better and more realistic approach for them would be to say, “Your grandfather is frail and elderly. If you ever felt like you should spend extra time with him, now is the time to do it.”

Telling a client that they’ve contracted a specific disease is irresponsible. News like this only generates fear, and no genuine psychic would do that. Oh, and that Redditor mentioned above? She went to a medical doctor, and you guessed it—there was nothing wrong with her.

Your Future is Set in Stone

Can we choose our destiny? Or must we abide by the random whims of fate? Nobody can prove for certain either way, but everybody has some power regarding what happens in our lives. If you dislike the way events are unfolding, you can change things. You may have to make changes slowly and singly, but you can affect the outcome.

If a psychic tells you that the things they see are carved in stone, and that you just need to deal with them, please be skeptical. You definitely have options, and you can forge your own path. It’s your journey, so you can choose where it will take you.

For a trustworthy reading with a genuine professional psychic, why wait? Set up an appointment with a reader right now!

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