How to Live with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder which was once known as manic depression is a mental health condition. Someone with bipolar can experience extreme mood swings with highs and lows also called mania and depression. When in a manic stage the person may feel uncontrollable but also in a great mood. A person with bipolar in a manic stage may make rash decisions and take risks that would not normally be considered. The person may also be easily excited about everyday activities or trying new things. By contrast, when a bipolar person is in a depressive state they may feel hopeless, sad, and lose interest in most activities. In extreme cases this may extend to basic hygiene practices.

The problem for those with bipolar is that if left untreated, the swings from mania to depression can happen unexpectedly and be at extreme levels. Some people can cycle multiple times a day while others may only experience swings every few months or even years. Treatment with medication can help some, but swings are still possible. For those suffering with bipolar disorder, it can be tough to handle the extreme highs and lows when with friends or family members because their reaction does not match what the person with bipolar is feeling. This can lead to a reaction of irritability and anger.

If you have bipolar, it is important to remember a few things when hanging out with friends who do not have bipolar. The first is that a nauseating feeling may be overwhelming when someone does not react as strongly as expected. It is important that we understand that not everyone will feel things as strongly as we do with bipolar disorder. Others will not act or feel as we do, even though we may think they should. This lack of strong reaction does not mean they are uninterested or lying about their feelings, just that they do not process things as we do in life. There is no need to get angry with others, just understand that everyone is different.

Living with bipolar disorder can be tough and requires understanding of the self and of others. It takes time and effort to learn to accept that we see the world differently, but being different is what makes the world an interesting place to exist. Accept your emotional differences and embrace that difference, even if medication ends up being part of your life. Emotions are normal and within reasonable levels, healthy. When you do feel your emotions getting out of control, find a healthy outlet like painting, running, or singing. While this may not stop the mania, it can get out some of the energy. If you are in a depressive state, seek help and make sure to care for yourself in a healthy way. It is easy to get very depressed and stop caring for basic needs. Bipolar disorder is simply a condition, not something that will ruin your life if you do not let it. Never fear seeking help if needed, that is why help is available.