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Psychic Email Readings: What You Need to Know

Phone readings are more commonplace, but email readings have their own benefits. While some would argue that it’s easier to get scammed through an email reading, it’s actually not. It’s a bit harder for a fraud to scam people through email because they can’t see or hear your reactions in able to ask leading questions. This article will show you what to look for in able to choose the right psychic to perform an email reading for you, and explain why they’re possible.

Are email readings even possible?

Of course they are. A psychic doesn’t have to hear your voice or see you in order to form a connection with you or be “in tune” with you. The idea that a psychic’s abilities are limited to their proximity to you is a bit misguided. While it is true that a psychic or sensitive person can pick up on things by touching a person or object, hearing their voice or picking things up from there surroundings, they don’t have to rely on only those abilities in order to perform a reading.

If a psychic needed to be in close proximity to a person or object for their abilities to work, what they would see would be extremely limited. There are many ways to “see”, and being face-to-face with a client is only one of them. For instance, a psychic can have dreams or visions about people who are in other states or countries, thousands of miles away from them. So, if that’s the case, the better question to ask is “Why WOULDN’T an email reading be possible?”.

Things that may indicate a scam

Just like any other profession, there are liars and scammers in the psychic community. It can be hard to detect them if you don’t know what you’re looking for. People who are inexperienced with readings feel as though every reading is the same, and may not think twice about any questions they’re asked. Psychics can get personal with their readings because they’re being guided by other forces who know things about you and the Universe. But there are some questions that no good psychic would ever ask, and some things that they would never say to you.

Be leery of any psychic who claims that you’re cursed and that they’re the only one who can help you, for a fee of course. This is a very common scam. It often involves paying a large sum in order to have the curse removed, along with having to buy products from the psychic, such as very expensive stones that, of course, you can only get from them.

If the price for the email reading was too good to be true, or very cheap, beware. It’s not always the case, but if the reading is very cheap, the psychic may be using a script that was copied and pasted into the email. This is a bit like cold reading, where the psychic makes very generalized statements that could be true of anyone. The script isn’t specific to you, but very generalized.

There can be indications on the website. If the site looks as though it was hastily thrown together, it’s very likely that it wasn’t done by a professional. If the site has links that don’t work, lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes, or simply looks unprofessional in any way, beware. This is likely not the work of a professional. Most professional psychics wouldn’t want to be presented in such a disingenuous way.

The Pros:

With email readings, the psychic isn’t rushed. This means that they can take their time, get “in-tune” with you and your questions and provide genuine, honest answers. They can do the reading in their own time, not pressured by how long it takes. And, you aren’t paying them by the minute or by the hour, so this benefits you, as well.

The psychic doesn’t have the opportunity to do cold readings or ask leading questions. They’re limited to the questions you provide them with. This prevents you from being easily scammed through email readings.

It’s nice to have the written account of what was said. The psychic has every word of what you asked, and doesn’t skip or miss a question because it was asked too quickly. They also aren’t pumped for further information, which is often the case with phone readings. And, as a client, you have a handy copy of the reading to look back on as many times as you choose. You don’t have to remember what the psychic said word-for-word because it’s in black and white.

The Cons:

It’s rather easy to provide someone with a disingenuous email reading. The psychic could just copy and paste a scripted reading into the email. Or, they could just slack off and not provide you with a genuine reading.

You can’t speak to the psychic in real time through an email reading. So, you can’t ask questions as they come to your mind. You may also not be able to ask questions that you have about your reading. For these reasons, some people prefer phone readings to email readings.


There are both pros and cons to email readings, but they can be a valuable tool. If you find a site that provides email readings and you’re curious about it, it doesn’t hurt to email them and ask questions first. Any professional will happily answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable with a reading.

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