Psychic Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

Psychic Readings & Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

There are several common questions when it comes to psychic predictions. The most common are those about what to do with negative predictions or why a particular prediction has not yet come to pass. However, people also want to know if predictions are absolute or can be changed by the person they are about. Many predictions will come true, and others will change due to free will. The future is changeable, not written in stone, because a prediction can actually change what we do or think.

When completing a reading for someone, the outlines of potential realities are shown at that moment. This includes the past, present, and future. While fate and destiny are real, and we all have certain experiences that are preordained, we still each hold the pen to complete the story. The future depends on us as we change and evolve or refuse to do so.

When someone receives a prediction, the almost immediate response is wanting to know when it will come to pass, but this is difficult to answer. This is because time is not linear but spirals and unfolds. Therefore, you must consistently stay present in the here and now in order to avoid becoming too attached to the future that may be changed by your actions. This is always a hazard when we cling to the details of what someone says about our futures.

Readings are about feeling empowered, not a reason to worry. Even when delivering difficult information, it must be done with compassion. Readers should be able to share alternate paths if one exists or continue on to explain different cycles.

A reading is always filtered through the reader’s personal filters of life. This means that a reading is best if the reader and person getting the reading are better connected. The psychics perspective always derives from a number of sources. Those receiving a reading should always start with references for the psychic and then follow their intuition. Always trust the inner voice we all have in life. We can stay attuned to the fact that simply knowing what may occur can indeed change it because of the attention drawn to the event. This is not bad as it can lead to a “life wake-up call” that forces us into deeper work and understanding.

When we go to a reader or oracle multiple times, the power is shifted from self to the reader. The number of readings within a year should be limited to prevent oracle abuse. Continually asking for guidance or signs related to the same event or time period creates desperate energy that can foster lack.

Readings are to be respected and seen as a way to support what is already known or as a way to track a general course. A psychic sees potential and what is probable in life, but you are not meant to sit idly by simply. We must continue to take appropriate action in faith that a spirit has a plan for life that will be revealed through the reading. The spirit will ultimately have the last say.

Try This:

If you find yourself repeatedly receiving readings on the same thing while getting hung up on the results, you must learn to let go and live for the here and now. This requires us each to set an intention each week, or day, to take action in the present and live deeper in each moment. These actions that are taken do not have to be about a future event or planning; they are more about the needs of that moment that may potentially affect the future. One way to keep ourselves more relaxed and focused on the moment is through meditation. Take time out daily or several times a week to simply meditate. There are apps available to help if needed. Taking small steps, and living in the now, can open up the future in unimaginable ways.