4 Elements and 4 Powers

four elements model

The four elements are related to the four powers and have historical ties. According to the classical model, every object and principle in creation is a compound of the four basal elements of fire, earth, water, and air. Keep in mind that these elements as we know them are a distorted correspondence of the actual four elements.

Each element has a proper quality and a mean quality. The qualities correspond easily with fire being hot, earth dry, water cold, and air moist. Using the principle of interconnection we come to the notion of mean qualities. Each element borrows the next element’s proper quality and highlights the interconnectedness. These are as follows, fire dry, earth cold, water moist, and air hot.

A Place in Astrology

The four elements model describes the archetypal state as an ideal which does not exist in pure form on the plane of Earth.  This is similar to quantum physics theory and deals with the instability and elusiveness of subatomic particles. The three orders describe how the elements combine and then transmute on the way to this earthly plane. This results in three orders. The first order is the four elements in their purest form and an unmixed state. The second order is when the four elements are compounded but can still be returned to the original state. Order three is created out of twice compounded elements with mixtures transformable into one another. The first two orders are too pure and hypothetical for us to understand, but the third is where astrology operates. This is still much more subtle than the physical realm we interact with, but also useful. The third order allows manifestation as far as astral magnetism, four, number and color, vibration and attraction, and the attributes of substance, space, and time. These are all part of the astrological discipline.

The Four Elements Prayer

The prayer to the gods and goddesses using the four elements has roots in the Celtic Christian faith, but has been adapted over the years and with passing time. Each element is associated with a power and combines with the serenity prayer to help us live our life. This begins with the power of water that is meant to help us accept with ease and grace what cannot be changed by us. Think of water as something that flows where it chooses. Over time, even a trickle of water can alter things, but as humans we do not have this same effect on most things. Next up is the power of fire which is for the energy of courage to change the things we can. Fire is hot and representative of burning brightly or passion. It requires passion to make real changes happen. Then we come to the power of air for the ability to know the difference. Air is required for life, but it can be both positive and negative. A gentle breeze makes a day pleasant, but a tornado causes great damage, we must learn to recognize the difference in life. Finally, we close with the power of earth for the strength to continue our path. The earth is about growth and being rooted. The earth ties us to the world and one another as we move forward in our journey.

The elements, the powers, and the prayer can help us stay on track in our life as our journey moves us in different directions. Hold it close.