Are You an Earth Angel?

Earth Angel

The word angel is one that is known all over the world. This is a word that means messenger. These are those that have a mission to be kind, empathetic and to help people to reach their life path.

The angel is often described as being mystical, fascinating, spiritual, divine, serene, and mysterious. Different people and religions believe in different things when it comes to angels, and some see them just as spiritual beings while others see them as an earthly idea that comes to give help to those that live on earth.

Understanding the Earth Angel

Earth angels are people that have a goal and a destiny to bring light to the earth. These are people that want to help others and they want to see everyone be successful and happy. You might be an earth angel and there are some signs that you can know if you are one. Some of the personality traits of an earth angel include:

• Being kind.
• Having helping senses.
• Sensitive.
• Empathetic.
• Memories that they don’t know where they came from.

If you are curious if you might be an earth angel, here are some other signs that might show that you are:

Old Soul or Mature

Maybe you are someone that acts older than they are. You might be someone that is loving and kind and someone that people run to so that they can share their problems. You have a gift of finding the right way to talk to be people and you seem to have wisdom that is unexplainable.

Soul Purpose

You know that you have a strong purpose, and that purpose is to make other people happy. You want to show yourself to be kind and loving and you want others to have happiness. You desire people to have good lives and life to be great for everyone.

Society needs earth angels and earth angels need people that want them around. Those that are oppressed, depressed and hurting need earth angels and earth angels need them. Earth angels are humanitarians, and they often have jobs that such as:

• Therapists.
• Business owners.
• Massage therapists.
• Social workers.
• Doctors.
• Counselors.

There are some earth angels that will even go all around the world to help those that are in need. They help to feed the poor; they go and work in different countries to bring water and other resources where they are needed, and they help everyone that they can find. They put everyone above themselves.

Strong Empathy

A person that is an earth angel has a lot of empathy. They are sensitive towards the needs and feelings that others have. When they know someone is sad, they are able to tell this without anyone saying anything. They will try to make them feel better.

An earth angel might be overwhelmed in their life because they are so sensitive and picking up the feelings and emotions of others can be tiring. They have a purpose though and they know this, and they want to see the earth a better place.

Earth angels often stay away from people with strong personalities, and they will try to find people that bring them peace. They will not spend time with those that want to steal their energy or don’t really need help or complete their mission.

Thinking Too Much

The earth angel is always thinking and that means that they don’t always get along with everyone around them. They use their intuition to know if someone should be around them or not and they are sometimes alone.

Being Alone

Since they use their intuition and are sometimes alone, the great thing to know is that they don’t mind this. They have a chance to recharge and to recent themselves. They can figure out where their morals and values are and follow their heart when they spend time alone.

Being alone makes them stronger and a better person so that they can go out into the world to help make it better.

Accepting and Rejecting

You accept everyone for who they are and what they look like, but you have a hard time with the ideas that people have. You want everyone to be accepted and love and you don’t identify or behave like other people.

The job that you have is to stir love and to reject hate, war and other things that mistreat others. An earth angel hates discrimination and racism. They know that there cannot be separation if the world is going to be a better world.

Infants and Animals

Infants and animals love earth angels. They are connected to them in a strong way. These creatures are sensitive to your kindness and your calmness.

Strong Intuition

Earth angels have strong intuition, and they know when something is off. They know when there are good people, and they are attracted to this. These people are also creative and are often attracted to art, painting, music, writing and other creative things. They are connected to their inner self.

Past Lives

Earth angels have lived many past lives. They are very smart and know things because of the past lives that they have lived, even though they don’t remember them. They are people that have lived past lives as beings such as:

• Hermits.
• Psychics.
• Shamans.
• Nuns.
• Monks.
• Healers.
• Priests.

The earth angel doesn’t know how many lives that they have lived, and they don’t remember their role but the way that they act and think explains that their past lives have been many. They even have memories of past lives that they cannot explain because they can’t remember where the memories come from.

Kinds of Earth Angels

There are different kinds of earth angels including:

  • Guardian earth angels: These are people that protect others and have strong energies. They help police officers and soldiers, for example.
  • Messenger earth angels: These are earth angels that are meant to deliver messages to people about how to be better and how to reach their purpose.
  • Protective earth angels: These are angels that protect people from emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical harm.
  • Healing earth angels: These angels can help to heal your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Vocal earth angels: They share their voices, and they help those that are in need.
  • Joyful earth angels: They bring fun and joy wherever they can.

Questions About Earth Angels

Here are some questions often asked about earth angels:

What Is the Job of an Earth Angel?

The earth angel is there to help others as much as possible. They want to bring joy and peace to the earth. They try to solve problems for others and help to show them their purpose.

Do Earth Angels Find Love?

Earth angels are regular people and they do sometimes find love. Since they can incarnate many times, they might find love over and over again. Some earth angels have only been on earth once.

What Color are Earth Angels Eyes?

Earth angels normally have green, blue, and brown eyes. Earth angel babies have earth-colored eyes when they are first born but the eye color can change over time.