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Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy HealingDistance energy healing is just as it sounds. A practitioner sends healing energy to someone who requested it with the intention of supporting and healing them in the way that is best at the time. This can be specific to physical or emotional healing or just a boost during a difficult period in life. There are no real parameters to what can be accomplished. Since Reiki healing energy is transcendental and connected to pure consciousness, the practitioner and client do not need to be in the same place. Time and distance do not serve as a barrier as the life force energy flows around us. This healing energy works through intention.

Healing Sessions

When a session occurs, it is best to be in a quiet place so you are relaxed and open to receiving, but this is not totally necessary. The most important thing is to be set on receiving the healing energy as it is sent.

While everyone’s experience is different, Reiki always works on the highest good. People tend to feel warmth, deep relaxation, clarity and light, or even waves of energy. Though some will feel little or nothing at all during this time. The typical session lasts 30-45 minutes on average which is shorter than in person settings because the healing can begin immediately. However, the healing is just as effective.

Just as it is different for the receivers, it can vary between practitioners. However, this often involves meditation in a quiet place, scanning of the aura, and focus on the specific type of healing. The practitioner tends to feel calm and relaxed as the energy flows out. This can range in price depending on the time spent in session and what was worked on specifically.

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