When Your Heart Chakra Opens

Chakra Opens

Yoga is something that can help you to look at your chakras and your energy centers and see that your chakras are opened or if they are blocked. The heart chakra is one of the chakras that is very important to keep open and strong.

When you lose someone that you love, your heart chakra can become blocked, or it can get unbalanced. This can happen because you are hurting in your heart and the pain that you are feeling can cause you to have fear or depression.

When you are afraid, you are afraid of opening up to love or you are afraid of being vulnerable. This means that you become afraid to make a strong connection with someone because you are afraid of being hurt or that they will die.

When someone close to you dies, it can cause your relationship with others to be different. It can cause you to start shutting people out that play a big role in your life. This can happen because your heart chakra is blocked and because of the pain that you experienced in your life.

Does Your Heart Chakra Need Balancing?

You can know when your heart chakra needs balanced because of different symptoms that you will experience. If your heart chakra is closed, you might feel these things:

  • Breathing problems.
  • Heart problems.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Infections.
  • Being too critical of yourself.
  • Being overly critical of others.
  • Not having empathy.
  • Demanding.
  • Having a victim mentality.
  • Not being able to set boundaries.

Even though opening up your heart chakra can take weeks or even years, when your energy is flowing through your heart chakra correctly, you will see that you will feel better in your life.

This takes time and it doesn’t happen right away. Healing means that you are working through things, and this can even mean that you need to work through some physical things. This is why yoga is something that can work to help you open up your heart chakra.

Movement and Yoga

Any kind of movement can help you. When you meditate, this can also help you to take time to drive out thoughts that are negative and that are hurting you in your life and in your relationships. You have to learn to be aware of what your negative thinking is and then you can change it.

You need to learn to speak positively saying things like, “Today is the day that I will have a strong heart chakra.” By doing this, you will bring positivity in your life, and you are making a true effort to change yourself and to heal. When you make an effort to talk to other people in your life that you love, it helps to open up your heart chakra as well.

Losing a loved one can be one of the hardest things that you have to go through in your life. It takes time to heal, and chances are that you might shut down for a while or that your heart chakra might get blocked.

You have to work to let things go and learn to love and let your heart chakra open up and become balanced. Take time to be positive and to move your body so that you can start to heal.