How Karma Works


The universe is made up of four different characteristics including dharma, karma, gyana and prema. Karma is the one that is most misunderstood. Karma is considered something that is unfathomable, but it is logical because it works with all of the creation, in life and in death.

Karma is more than logic and the more that you get it, the more that you are amazed at what it is. Karma can cause people to be close or to be separated. It can cause the weak people to be strong, the poor to be rich and because it is an action, it happens all the time.

There are three types of karma including Prarabdha, Sanchita and agami:

  • Prarabdha

This kind of karma is one that is the seed of the action. This is the karma that is already manifesting and is happening right now.

  • Sanchita

This karma is the action. With Sanchita karma, it becomes piled up and is something that can come to you in your mind. It can also be a manifestation, but it can be changed when you do things that are good in your life.

  • Agami

This kind of karma is what is manifesting now, something you cannot change. This is the karma that happens in the future and is one of action. It hasn’t happened yet, but it is going to happen because of something that you have done. It may not happen today, but it will happen.

Karma and Time

Karma is something that is bound by time because each action that you take in life will have some kind of reaction. Sometimes good people will come to you and will be thankful because of all of the good things that they are experiencing. This can be their good karma.

But then, there are times where good people are experiencing suffering and people wonder why this is happening to them. If this is happening, then chances are that they have done something wrong that needs to be paid back.

Karma and Reincarnation

Karma is what works with reincarnation. When someone is born into a family where there is violence and others born into a rich and wholesome family, this is part of karma. The impression and the possibility of living a better next life might cause someone to show more love, or even hate.

The mind can leave different impressions on people, and this can leave the body in a situation to come that will eventually cause there to be some kind of good or bad that comes back later.

Getting Rid of Karma

Getting rid of karma means that you are getting rid of impressions. Some of the karma that people gather cannot be changed and you just have to deal with it. People want to try to get rid of karma because of fear and they will meditate, but it will still not go away.

Suffering or goodness is something that can be seen as relative. The universe is a reality and even though the universe isn’t against you in any way, if you are doing good, you will get good karma and if you are doing bad, you will get bad karma.

By being aware and alert, you can get rid of karma by getting rid of impressions. This has to be strong enough to destroy the karma and bring you freedom from it.