The Importance of Lightwork and Shadow Work

The Importance of Lightwork and Shadow Work

There is a difference between a lightworker and Shadow work. When people try to raise their vibrations, they are doing lightwork and when people are trying to be more aware of their subconscious thinking, they are doing shadow work.

People are all on a different path in life and so doing shadow or light work is up to each person, but the problem is when there is condemning and putting down for those that aren’t doing the same work.

Throughout the years, you might find that people that are in spiritual fields will be connecting with the universe and will be looking internally at themselves. Their inner work can help them to see things in a different perspective and to figure out what is going on in their life.


Lightwork is a practice where someone is trying to raise their vibrational frequencies. They use their thoughts to create their reality and they try to understand the soul and what it means to reach their higher self.

They look at things differently and they want to be awakened. Lightworker can be healing, can use reiki, blessings, singing bowls and sound healing, positive affirmations, tarot cards, channeling, crystals, color therapy, light therapy and more.

Lightworker is someone that does these things and uses the same practices. If you are a lightworker then it means that you have a hard time with negativity.

Shadow workers suffer because they are using their energies to try to find out what they believe. The Law of Attraction will bring about energy that you release into the universe and if it is negative, you will reap negative emotions.

To heal yourself, you have to practice being positive. You have to work to change the world by raising your vibrations.

If you want to know what is going on in the souls of others, know that anyone that is trying to spread light is a lightworker.

The different way that you see yourself can be shadow work. What do you have there? Are there lost souls? What is the darkness inside of you? They want to figure out who they are so they can fix themselves. Many of them are narcissists and have dark personalities.

We can see these people as ones that manipulate and do things against others. They can have shifts in the spirit, and it is hard to understand things from their perspective.

People that are doing shadow work will look for healing because they want to understand what they are doing and want to be a light worker. They want to have a shift and they want to help those that are negative. They look into the deep parts of their emotion, but they often have a hard time getting out and raising their vibrations.

They might even use the word light to think of it as something fake. They let their ego take control of them and they don’t even shift their soul. The healing is almost impossible. We have to accept people in this path, even when they are suffering.

From this point of view, it is hard to not feel threatened by a person doing shadow work. We are sometimes vulnerable to this because it is hard for us to know that we have gifts that we have denied such as their intuition and psychic giftings. They don’t receive these gifts because they feel that they are painful. This causes them to feel rejected.

The awakening is part of growing and pains. It is part of light and being who you are. To get this support on your journey, you have to see the light and you have to go through suffering and pain. You have to find out what people have in their spiritual beings.

You need to connect with the light and see that your soul is full of light. You can understand that your light is full of life and that it is not rejected.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is when you look into yourself, and you look at the patterns that you have. This doesn’t mean you worship spirits or that you practice occult. This is a light work even though you are not full of light yet, it means that you are trying to find out the good in yourself.

Shadow work includes inner child work, emotional situations, healing journey, dream work, trauma therapy and more.

This is someone that is working towards light, and they are trying to get to the deeper issues that have caused them darkness. They are trying to find the truth and they want to find the reality that has been created. This is pain that they have felt.

We cannot change things that we don’t know. We cannot reach a higher place if we have never been in the same place.

Our minds will store negative emotions and beliefs and with the Law of Attraction, this means that you will reap negativity. The emotions can be there because of past trauma and if you believe that you cannot make your own life and have positive things, then you can have positive affirmations and meditation all night and never have the power.

To solve this, you have to figure out what is creating this in your life. You can change your focus after you learn to figure out how to heal and get rid of negativity.

This perspective can show you that shadow work can be to find the light. Teachers have to see things form a different perspective and learn to get rid of their ego. It means that their negativity can hurt others and even children. Some people will become narcissistic and will use their energy to meet their own needs.

If your ego controls you, your emotions will be out of control, and it will be hard to be your real self. Shadow work is important, and it is part of your karma. Sometimes you have to deal with these things to be able to bring light.

People do not like shadow work because they feel that there is too much negativity. They think that the person is being a coward and is not brave, but this is where the truth lies. A person that has to look at this truth is very brave, and they can become true once they realize what they are finding.

They can find healing here and learn to feel accepted and safe. We see that some people will not think that finding light is present in shadow work but that is not true. You have to sometimes have shadow work so that you can move forward. You have to have light to reach a higher dimension, but you cannot reach this light when you have such negativity in your life.

Look at who you are and find out your giftings. Uncover what is in your shadow and learn to accept who you are.

Surround yourself with people that understand you and be vulnerable to them. Lightworkers are there to help you and to bring you light. They can bring shadow workers light and help them to have a better life and to have healing.

Integration Changes

Once you look deeper at a lightworker and a shadow worker you will see that both want to be more aware. They want to be able to see things in life and they want to live in a safe and loving world. They want to be accepted and not rejected.

Rejection can be hard for both lightworkers and shadow workers. It is part of the negative emotions that many feels. Shadow workers sometimes reject psychic giftings, but they are creative and experienced.

The integration will come, and they will be able to be vulnerable and to give of themselves. A lightworker can come and see what is needed and will see that rejection is part of life but will acknowledge this and help them to heal.

This will help the shadow worker to be ablet o get over trauma by embodying the world around them. They will accept that they were rejected and will move on. They will find people that are safe to be around, and they will split into an internal and external world.

They will be compassionate and understanding because of their experiences and they will relate to people that want light and love. They will use light and love to help others and they will be tuned into their own identity.

When we see that everyone has some shadow self, we can learn that the negative feelings can be accepted and healed. We can see that the light of the lightworkers have acceptance and approval and that they have the power to fix things.

The truth is when you are able to handle heart matters, you will see that everyone wants to have approval and is able to give to others. Even in rejection, there is positivity and even though people go through phases in their life, it doesn’t mean better things won’t come.

People are retraumatizing ourselves and trying to go places even when they aren’t ready. This is why shadow workers have a hard time accepting lightworkers sometimes because they have different ways of looking at things. Lightworkers are not always able to take steps to heal the lives and emotions of others. They heal at a surface level, but shadow work is a deeper level of fixing things.

Healing happens in a natural way and the universe is a healing place. We can see things at a different level, and we have the opportunity to become something better. If you learn to believe in healing, you will see that you can bring abundance and manifest things in your life that are good.

We sometimes try to force our hearts to be open, but we don’t feel safe, and this can cause this to be hard. Our hearts are open sometimes and this is an honest way to love yourself and to start practicing self-love and compassion.

When you take a step back and you allow yourself to trust, you will see that you can choose people that will love you and will take care of you. You will have self-love and you will deny people from playing with your emotions and they will see you differently.

Different Perspective

Once you learn to see that there are differences between light and shadow work, you can see that both of these are part of an awakening. There are phrases that will help your spiritual journey and it will bring hope and compassion to people. You can have prejudices against you but once you learn to know that the world is meant to have harmony, you can forgive those that are not able to do better.

Do not put each other down but make the choice to have love, no matter what. Stop judging people negatively and be more creative in love.

Shadow and lightwork are loving yourself more. When you stop letting others decide who you are, you can love yourself more. You can understand others and their faults, and you can make an effort to have things better.

If you want to be perfect and you practice love, you will see that you can be fine and that you can live a good life without heartache and pain.