How Your Moon Sign Determines Your Emotions

Moon Sign

When someone asks you what your sign is, they are asking where the sun was when you were born. The sun is a sign that shows how you live in the world. This can also show people about your personality. The sun sign is what most people learn about astrology. There are other things that your birth chart can tell you about who you are including your moon sign.

Not everyone will feel a strong connection to their moon sign and some people are better able to connect with their moon sign. For example, the Cancer is fact focused while the Capricorn hates wealth. Your birth chart is all about you and it has to do with who you are and your life.

The moon sign is one of the most important parts of who you are. This is where the position of the moon was when you were born. It shows what your emotions are. It is how you can take care of yourself.

Moon and Sun Sign

The sun has a strong light and is needed for us to live but the moon is also important. The moon orbits the earth every 27.5 days. It has a fast cycle, and it is always changing. The shape of the moon is determined by the sun, and it is exciting to see all the changes of the moon from the waxing to the waning phase.

The birth chart allows your moon to tell you how your experiences will change. The moon reflects how the sun shines, and it shows what you have went through in your life. Knowing your moon sign can help you to understand your emotions.

The moon is close to the earth, and it is always moving. Even when it is daytime, sometimes we can see the moon. This shows that the moon is a dependable thing and that it plays a role in the earth. It has feminine energies and no matter what gender you are; you have both feminine and masculine energies.

The moon sign helps you to see how you treat yourself. It represents how you take care of yourself and how your psychic gifts come. It shows you what is private and what you need to protect.

The sun sign acts but the moon sign reacts. When the moon is closer to the earth, the tide is even higher.

How Does the Sun and Moon Work Together?

The moon sign might seem secret, but it shows your character. It shows your moods, and it shows what is inside of you. Even when you don’t understand yourself or your relationships, the moon will help you.

The moon shows how sensitive you are, and it shows you the rhythm of your life. The moon sign is the same as the triplicity of the sun, but the elements are different. The Gemini sun and a Libra moon will show you that you care about relationships and about others. If you were born under a new moon, it can mean you are committed to making a difference in your life. A full moon can mean that you are on your life mission.

The moon phase works in the houses of the birth chart. It helps to show your emotions and how they work. If you are a Capricorn moon born in the 9th house, then you will be happy in your emotions.

The moon sign will show you who you are and where you get your relationships. You can interpret your own energies with your birth chart because the moon sign means you have to look deep inside of yourself to find out who you are.

12 Moon Signs

The moon signs have different changes and once you know what your moon sign is and the changes you will understand yourself more.

Aries Moon

The Aries is the first sign, and they are fiery people. They are usually hard to get along with and aggressive. They know what they want and need, and they are excited in their emotions and very spontaneous. They do what it takes to get what they want. This person has a child inside of them that wants to get there first. They take challenges and beat them.

Taurus Moon

The Taurus moon is a sensual sign. They love to be comfortable and to eat good things. They love luxury and they are people that choose stability over change. They are grounded.

Gemini Moon

These people are governed by Mercury, and they are informative. They like to communicate, and they are expressive. They want to socialize and be celebrated. They want attention and people making over them.

Cancer Moon

The Cancer moon is someone that is impacted by the world around them. They are full of changing emotions, and they want to be supported and safe in their life. They only go with people that they trust as friends and family.

Leo Moon

The Leo moon is ruled by the sun, and they are a fire sign. They are creative and warm, and they are very giving. They were born in the lunation, and they have strong psychic gifts. They love to have attention and they want to be famous.

Virgo Moon

This sign is analytical, and they are organized. They like to have a system that they follow, and they love to help others. They are practical and they never stop worrying about things. They are mindful and should meditate a lot.

Libra Moon

This sign is a visual sign. They are peaceful and balanced. They are happy when they have peace. They want to be with a partner, and they can have many relationships. They like to be validated.

Scorpio Moon

This sign is a strong emotional sign. They are experienced and they are private. They honor creativity and they want boundaries. They have strong emotions and they put their mental health first.

Sagittarius Moon

This sign is curious and loves to learn new things. They love philosophy and science. They are smart and they love to travel. They want to explore new things and they love to dominate any conversation. They act smarter than anyone around them.

Capricorn Moon

This sign is successful, and they were born under the lunation. They are responsible and they want to accomplish things. They set goals and they meet them. They want to impress everyone around them, and they do best when they open up to their emotions.

Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius moon is a sign that is experienced and collective. They have values and are sensitive. They want to do the right thing and they are humanitarians. They are distant and sometimes not reliable.

Pisces Moon

This sign is one that has strong empathy. They have strong psychic gifts and are sensitive. They absorb the energies of others. They have strong emotions, and they are creative. They are giving and spiritual and knowledgeable. They are often seen as old souls.

Final Thoughts

The connection that you have with your moon sign is very rewarding. It can give you a deep understanding of who you are and what you want in your life. You can look at your moon sign and dig deep and find out who you are. If you have certain emotions, find out why. Look at who you are based on your moon sign.