What are Indigo Children?

Indigo Children

Do you ever wonder why you have felt different when you were growing up or when you were a child? If so, chances are you were an indigo child.

Maybe you were overly sensitive, or you had more intuition than you could explain. You might have been someone that never fit in.

If you were born between 1978 and 1988 then you are an indigo child. You could have been made for a purpose.

Knowing If You are an Indigo Child

You may have been an indigo child. Some will realize that they are special when they are young but for others it takes longer.

What Are Indigo Children?

Indigo children are part of the star children, and they have different energies. They are warriors and fighters.

Some star children include:

  • Rainbow children.
  • Wise Ones.
  • Pleiadeans.
  • Incarnated Angels.
  • Crystal Children.

Traits of Indigo Adults and Children

People that are indigo are loving and compassionate. They are smart and they are more trusting and are able to look deep inside of themselves. Here are some traits of them:


These children are creative and are often writers, sculptures, designers, or writers.


These children want to know everything, and they ask why a lot.

Psychic Empaths

Most indigo children are empaths, and they are more sensitive than others. They are able to feel the emotions that people have, and they want to heal them. They cannot watch violence or listen to the news.


These children are often rebelling at school. They get board easily and sometimes are considered problems.

Want Equality

These people want people to be treated the same. They believe everyone deserves love.


Indigo people are natural leaders. They support others and help spirituality purposes.

Solve Problems

They are smart and they want to solve the problems that people have. They are not broken, and they will do what they can to make things better.


Indigo children are often stressed because of the energy around them. They are sensitive and they have a lot of stimulation. These people should not drink too much caffeine.


Indigo children and adults often have strong intuition. They are able to know things, able to see things and even see the auras of others.

Focus Well

These people are more focused than others.  They process information easily and they are ablet to do things quickly.

Healthy Eaters

Star children like to eat things that are healthy, and they are often vegan.

Sensitive to Electronics

Indigo people are sensitive to electronics, lights, and other things. They cannot wear watches on their wrists.

Looking for Knowledge

Indigo children want to have all of the answers and they are always seeking for a purpose.


If you have the characteristics of an indigo, then chances are that you are one. Embrace your giftings and learn to help yourself and others.