Sending Your Twin Flame Love

Sending Your Twin Flame Love

People often wonder about their twin flame and when they will meet them and some people when they are beginning in their journey wonder if there is a way that they can send their future twin flame love from a distance.

There is a way that you can send love to your twin flame from a distance, and you can do this by channeling your love.

Your heart has to be open and believing in order to send your twin flame love because the love has to flow from you to them with there being a distance in between.

Since twin flames are connected from the soul and the heart, the love is there automatically and when you feel love in your own heart, your twin flame can feel it too.

If you want to send unconditional love to your twin flame, you have to learn to channel this kind of energy. Channeling this kind of energy is a powerful thing and you can reach love and oneness with your twin flame.

You have to first understand what oneness is. When you have a twin flame, they are the other half of your soul. This means that with the universe, you and your twin flame are already one. This is the energy of oneness and the energy of the universe that you feel when you manifest love to your twin flame.

You have to be comfortable with being one with your twin flame and you have to know that this is a reality for you and share your emotions and your energies in a positive way.

Maybe you are thinking about the oneness, and you know that you aren’t feeling well, and you wonder if your twin flame is sick as well. Even though you haven’t been around them, chances are that since you are connected, they are probably sick too.

If you have met your twin flame and you are in a relationship with them in some sort, you may be thinking about them, and you might text them just to get a text back to them right at the same time. Once again, this happens because you are one.

The twin flame connection is not always easy to understand but when you send energy to your twin flame, you are doing this because this is part of you and part of them at the same time.

You are consciously sending them energy and you can do this with your twin flame right now and wherever you are.

You have to know that this is something that you never have to force because energy is not something that you can just control and force to do what you want. When you decide to love your twin flame and share a connection with them, this automatically makes the energy connected.

If you want to connect with your twin flame, you need to make sure that your vibrational frequency is high and that it is not in a low state. Do not try to make them talk to you and do not try to force them to be what you want them to be, just love them, forgive them, accept them for who they are and be thankful that you are able to have this connection with them.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • First you need to relax. Do this by taking a couple of minutes to close your eyes and to deep breathe. You can meditate right here and let go of any fear or stress.
  • Go into your heart space and pay attention how your energy goes from your mind to your heart. Any questions that you have, ask now because your heart has the answers.
  • Let the energy of love fill your heart and flow through you. You will feel this energy and it will be good and it will make you feel joy.
  • Allow the energy to go throughout your body and into the room. Think of all the types of love that you can have. If you have things that you need to forgive, do it now and be thankful for the things that you do have.
  • Let the loving energy flow out of you and go to the universe.
  • Feel the energy going into your twin flame. Imagine the energy going into your twin flames heart space and filling them up. Let them accept anything that you are giving to them now.
  • Take tie to rest and to heal. The energy will stop flowing naturally when the time is right.

Sharing love with your twin flame is a special thing and it is something that you can do to make your path work out better for you and your twin flame and a way to make your union stronger.