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Preparing for A Psychic Reading

Mediums are individuals who are skilled at speaking with the soul world, particularly those that have passed on. Medium readings are ways which you can contact friends and family that have traversed, hear their messages and even ask each different inquiries. The achievement of your medium readings will rely on upon a couple of things you’ll need to remember. This article will cover those reasons so you have an incredible medium experience.

Choose Your Medium Carefully

choosing 1It’s really important that you get the correct person to do the reading. Make sure that your medium is actually a medium and not just a psychic. They are slightly different roles and while some psychics can be mediums, not all of them are. Being a medium requires a very special type of disposition and basically requires them to step out of the way in order to let the messages come through. So the very first step is to ensure that mediumship is actually something your psychic is good at and does regularly.

The next thing to do is simply your due diligence. How long has this medium been working? What’s their biography? What is their specialty? You will also want to have a look at some testimonials that real clients have left. They will tell you a lot about the quality and substance of the medium.

If you can talk to the medium before the reading, even better. Find them on the internet, talk to them in chat rooms, email them, message them, just get in touch and see what they can help you with. This will provide you with information about their style and their way of delivering information.

The final thing to do when getting medium readings is to trust your instinct and intuition. Really listen to yourself. Try not to be drawn in, even if the medium is persuasive. If you don’t feel comfortable, find another medium. There are more out there.

This doesn’t mean that the medium you’re rejecting is bad, it’s just that things just don’t match up between you. Other mediums will match up better. Trust your inner intuition about someone.

You might like to check out a website with a variety of mediums, so it’s easy to switch between them.

Make Sure There’s Time

choosing 2Loosing someone at the end of their life is hard enough, but losing someone in their prime is even harder. Often it’s the people who were taken too soon that we want to get in touch with most of all, but they also tend to be the most emotionally challenging to work with. Sometimes it’s very tempting to rush off to a medium reading very quickly after someone’s death, but it’s a temptation that you should try to avoid.

There are a few reasons for this. The first one is simply that the person crossing over might not have had enough time to get back into the spiritual world. Often when someone passes over (especially if it’s been a shock) it will take time for things to get processed. Remember that the spiritual world works on a Universal timescale, one much greater than our own human one. You definitely can’t get used to the idea of being dead within a week or so. There are still things to tie up, things to make right.

It can also be a challenge for the spirit to be in a place energetically where they feel comfortable talking to a medium. This can take a while.

The other person you have to consider is yourself, and how you feel in all of this. If you’re too turbulent, so full of emotion that you can’t talk about things without breaking down then you’re far too emotional for a reading. No, you don’t have to be an emotional robot to get a reading done. But medium readings will work better when there’s been a bit of time between the spirit’s passing and your contact. How much is enough time? Only you can really answer that truthfully.

Keep an Open Mind

choosing 3The other thing to do when getting medium readings is to ensure that you go in with an open mind. Don’t in advance think about the things the spirit is going to tell you. That’s because they will have their own agenda and it might be different from yours. Priorities are very different in the spirit world and what might seem important to you might be the least of their concerns.

It’s also important that you don’t try and trick the medium. Sometimes people will only believe what a medium is telling them if a very specific answer comes through. Instead of trying to make everything fit within your construct of what the reading should be, let it be what it is. If you need validation that the answers are genuine, let the answers provide the validation. Don’t try and trick the psychic and write off everything they say unless something specific is said. This might not happen.

The other thing you need to watch out for is trying to make your story “fit” with what the psychic is telling you. It’s important that you hear things from the medium and don’t fill in the blanks yourself. Try not to “think ahead” during the conversation that you have with your medium. It’s hard, but will ultimately be more fulfilling when you hear things directly from the medium.

To have successful medium readings, make sure that you choose a psychic that resonates well with you. There’s no need to go with someone who you don’t trust or feel is going to work for you. You should also make sure that some time has passed between the spirit’s passing and your reading. A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to talk about them without tearing up. Keep an open mind when you get the reading done. Don’t be too skeptical and let the medium do the work. Try not to fill in the blanks and you’ll end up with a reading that will give you the answers you’re looking for.

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