Clear Your Karma Using Meditation

Clear Your Karma Using Meditation

There are different kinds of yoga that you can do and learn that can help you in your mind, body, and spirit. Kundalini Yoga, for example, can help to move your energy and help you to be the best you can be. This can help you to have a positive mind and to heal your aura.

Each of the 10 bodies in yoga has a specific role that they play to help you align your body and reach your higher self.

Meditation such as this will help to engage the energy in the body, such as the Arc Line.

Arc Line

The Arc Line is the area that surrounds you, such as a halo over your head. You can see this line in paintings where they have someone that has a halo over their head.

A woman has two Arc Lines; the first is over her head, and the second is at the chest area from nipple to nipple. This is where past karma is stored.

When you have a strong Arc Line, it means that you have energy that is there to protect you from negative feelings such as depression and anxiety. The Arc Line shows you what reality is, and you cannot reach the spirit world when you do not have a strong Arc Line.

The Arc Line is where you can connect with your positive feelings of happiness and joy. This is the place where you can fight off negative feelings and energy from inside or in your external environment.

This kind of meditation can help clear the negative energy with the Arc Line and eliminate the energy stored in your mind and body.

Meditate so that you can heal your body and soul and get rid of depression and anxiety. You will see what joy is when you do this, and you will get out of your darkness.


Kundalini meditation is something you can do at home. Practice and try your best, and you will see your internal reward.


Start by sitting in a chair up straight and aligning your spine and your neck.


Chant this, “Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru Jio.”


Relax your elbows down at your side and put your palms flat and facing up with your forearms out straight.

Cup your hands, put them a few inches above your knees, put your arms up behind your head, and stretch as far back as you can.

When you do this, imagine that you are scooping something and throwing it over your Arc Line. Water is a cleanser, and you can imagine that you are throwing water for extra healing.

Flick your wrists with this movement, and be smooth as you do this. When you are doing it, chant your mantra and do it to the rhythm of the music.

Each time you do it, scoop water up and throw it over your shoulder.


Your eyes should be closed.


You should do this for at least half an hour.


When you are ready to finish, take time to stretch your hands up and as back as far as you can. Then, put them behind your head and hold this pose for about 15 seconds. Do this three more times.

Take time to relax now and feel the power inside of you. Clearing your karma is important, so use this technique as often as you feel the need.