Is Someone Trying to Take Your Job?

Trying to Take Your Job

Have you ever felt that you were in an unspoken completion over your job? What about with someone who is a friend outside of work?

It would be easy to tell if you are working in a team and are just trying to help a team member catch up on a specialty area.   This person may be able to catch up to your level quickly, simply by shadowing you. If you feel this happening, beware because your job could be at stake. Look for the following types of people at your place of employment.

Your New Office BFF

Let’s say you have been working at your company for a substantial amount of time. Suddenly, someone who you see every day wants to be your friend.   While these sudden invitations to lunch or drinks may be flattering, don’t be fooled.  This person may just want to be seen with you because of your job. On the other hand, they may be trying to get close to you to get the inside track on information to swoop down and get your job. Be aware of this saboteur.

The Idea-Stealer

Is someone else getting credit for your ideas? Is your creativity splashed all over your company with someone else’s name attached?   The next step is to protect yourself and your ideas.  If you have a genuine stroke of brilliance, write the idea down and send it to yourself in an email. You may want to back this up by loading this onto a personal flash drive.   Once you have time-stamped proof of your great idea, it will be hard for your rival to challenge you.

The Helper

You may have coworkers volunteer to help you all of the time, but be especially aware of the help you only get when your boss or other superiors are watching. If they try to one-up you in front of the boss, there is a great chance that they are trying to undercut you. Some people think this is the way to get noticed and many times it is effective.

Don’t Overcompensate

There are genuine people who really just want to help you, and there will be people at your place of business who just want to get to know you.   Just be aware of the potential presence of a job-stealer.  When these things form a pattern, and you notice an escalation, take care and take caution when dealing with this colleague. Your job could depend on it.