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How to Find a Good Astrologer

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If you had a problem with your electricity or plumbing, you wouldn’t just pick from a list and hope for the best. You would do some research to find the best and most reliable one.  Just as it’s not easy to find a good a handy-man, it’s not easy to find a suitable  astrologer.   Here is list for you to consult when you are looking for a good astrologer.

  1. You will not be under pressure.

Some astrologers  have services or goods in addition to your reading.  A good astrologer won’t pressure you to purchase these or push you commit to something you re not comfortable with.

  1. You will be sure of their advice and its meaning.


If you have a good astrologer, the message they have for you will be clear.  That doesn’t mean that they will be 100% right. No one is.  But they should be generally on focus.

  1. You will gain a new perspective on your life.

A good astrologer won’t tell you what you want to hear. The will tell you what you need to hear.  The information you receive will help you grow and develop as a human being.

  1. You will be able to understand them.

A good astrologer won’t bog down your reading with a lot of jargon and terms you don’t understand just to impress you.

  1. stock-illustration-36466394-searching-people-for-jobThere will be no judgment.

No matter what you tell them, they won’t pass judgement on you.  You should feel that you can tell them anything and be comfortable.

  1. They will be competent.

You should get clear answers and clear guidance in a language you understand. They will explain things when you ask them.

  1. They won’t name drop.

Even if your astrology has celebrities or important figures as clients, they won’t brag about them.  You should be able to trust your astrologer

  1. They will not pretend during your reading.

A good astrologer will rely on their own skills and not pretend to be psychic and use methods other than astrology.

  1. Somethings are too good to be true.

If your astrologer uses extremely low prices are things that seem too much of a bargain to be true, chances are that this is not a trustworthy astrologer.

  1. You will have to find them on your own.

There is a saying that a good business doesn’t need to advertise. There is some truth to this.    A good astrologer will also have good word of mouth and satisfied clients. Do you research and you can find your perfect astrological fit.

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