Spiritual Well-Being and Herbs

Spiritual Well-Being and Herbs

When something is wrong with our physical bodies, like we get sick or have some type of infection, we take something to heal it. We may reach for medication or supplements that we trust to provide help. However, just as medicine is used to heal the physical body, we must also care for our aura and energy body to be fully healthy. The light body also called the auric field, requires the same loving care that the physical body deserves. Traditional medicine tends to overlook this aspect of care, but this does not mean it should be ignored.

There are many people out there that think herbs are for the kitchen, but herbs have been used as a form of medicine for centuries as a way to treat the body for illness. Today, they can still offer numerous benefits for physical healing and to align our bodies spiritually. The herbs we see daily can work on us on numerous levels to promote wellness and harmony. For example, lavender makes great tea that can be used when we are feeling stressed or need to relax to get a good night’s sleep, but when breathed in deeply, it can also calm our thoughts and instantly relax the muscles. Lavender is well known for bringing about peace and calm, but it can also positively affect our spirit by changing our energy vibration. On the spiritual level, lavender clears out negative energy and purifies the soul to unclog higher chakras.

Lavender is a small purple flower that correlates energetically with the third eye, crown chakra, and soul star. The soul star is an eighth chakra that is just above the head and holds the seat of compassion, selflessness, and divine love. It is of spiritual importance; even though it is outside the physical body, it needs to be cleansed and balanced like the others. Other herbs, including sage, angelica, and hyssop, are equally cleansing to the aura and restoring the light.

Herbs need to be matched with the correct issue or symptom for actual healing or cleansing. Choose the herb that someone is lacking to create a corrective balance. For example, when you think about the moon, it is watery, cooling, and has moisturizing qualities, so there are herbs available to correspond. Things like licorice or marshmallow root, or lemon balm can correspond well. This would be for those with excessive body heat, overheating, or skin rash. By contrast, those with dampness who were cold often would need warming-type herbs that will help with circulation and cleanse the blood. These can include cayenne, ginger root, or even cinnamon.

When we take this to the spiritual realm and look at the astrological qualities of each herb, then combine it with our own traits, we can mix in new herbs appropriately or even new colors that may be missing from the aura. This draws the spiritual components to where healing is needed so restoration can occur. Remember that the aura extends out from the physical body and includes both emotional and mental fields. Our skin and mannerisms reflect our spiritual, emotional, and mental states, so we must also treat them. Even when the physical body is what is showing symptoms, we need to start and end with auric healing and cleansing. This can start with thinking about our recent emotions and the thoughts that are occurring to see if something is off or blocked.

Next time you feel ill, pay attention to what life circumstances happened just before treating the aura. Then, since prevention is best, choose an herb that naturally enters your thoughts and work with it for a month, getting to know it and exploring it. There is likely a reason it comes to mind. Treat with the herbs appropriate for the issue.