Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides

Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has spiritual guides. Some believe them to be angels, and others believe them to be relatives who have passed on, but everyone has had that moment where they felt someone was watching over them. Maybe, you’ve felt like someone was trying to send you a message to help you. That is the work of a spirit guide.

Thoughts of Spirit Guides

There is some debate about where spirit guides come from and who they are exactly. Different religions have different views. Native Americans and Asian cultures think they are those ancestors who died a long time ago or perhaps were recent loved ones who passed on. Christians consider them to be either angels or of demonic origin, depending on the exact situation.

The traditional view of a psychic or medium is that they are humans who have been reincarnated multiple times on earth and have since learned all their lessons. Therefore, they do not need to be reborn again.

The result is the same, no matter what your belief system is. For example, you may hear a voice that frightens you in the middle of the night, or you may think someone whispers some guidance in your ear. These are all encounters of spirit guides.

Most spiritualists believe everyone has at least one spirit guide assigned to them from the moment of birth. This is your main guide and spiritual companion. Other guides, as many as 30 to 60, will come to you at various seasons of your life when you need guidance in certain areas.

Who Are These Guides?

There are seven basic types of spirit guides, although this is not a complete list.

  • Gatekeeper Guide
  • Joy Guide
  • Native American Guide
  • Doctor Guide
  • Teacher Guide
  • Philosopher Guide
  • Ascended Master Guide

While some of these titles are self-explanatory, it is good to review each of their jobs or assignments.

The gatekeeper is a type of personal spiritual bodyguard. This guide manages others who want to help you and, perhaps more importantly, keeps out those spirits who would harm you.

The joy guide helps you to enjoy little things and find happiness with laughter, while the Native American guide is specifically a protector for indigenous people. This guide brings appreciation, respect for elders, healing, and compassion to your life.

The doctor guide works with you to maintain your health, and the teacher guide helps you with education by recommending the books you are to read and will send you to those who would mentor you. This guide also guides you along your chosen path in life.

The philosopher guide helps expand your thinking and guides you in wisdom. In addition, this guide assists with spiritual questions.

An ascended master guide only works with a few people because they choose people who are highly advanced spiritually. Spiritualists put Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus into the category of ascended master guides.

The purpose of these guides is singular. Their sole purpose is to help you on your life’s journey. They have no personal agenda but are there to help with both big problems, such as what career to take and some dilemmas such as finding your car keys.

How to Work with Your Spirit Guides

You work with your spirit guides by simply getting to know them and consulting with them. Here are three ways to achieve this:

  1. Recognize they are there. Their presence is around you, and they want to connect with you. It is your choice whether or not to acknowledge and listen to them.
  2. Ask their names. This can be asked directly or indirectly as a prayer. Like in dealing with an earthly human, there is better communication if you know the other’s name. They know yours, so you should know theirs.
  3. Build a relationship.

Any trust is formed with a relationship, and it is the same with spirit guides. The more you learn to trust them, the better they can guide you. You can ask them for help or guidance. They won’t offer much unless you want it and ask for it.

You will get answers to your questions or requests for help, but be aware some of the answers may come in ways you don’t expect. So say thank you when answers do come.

Learning to depend on something considered supernatural is viewed as an oddity in an earthly world. However, once you have a few experiences, you will come to realize that spirit guides are as real as anything on earth. You will also see they can be of help.