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If You Are a Healer

If You Are a Healer

Maybe you have been around someone that has suggested that you have a gift of healing.  Most people, actually all people have some gifts, but they just do not know how to use them or know what their gifts are meant for.  There have been many people that don’t realize that they have gifts or understand that they were meant to be healers.  When someone tells you that you are a natural healer, it sticks with you.  There are different paths that you can follow and use your gift to help do the best good for yourself and others.


If people have told you that you are a natural healer, this means that you have energy that helps to work with others that are in need of a physical, mental or emotional healing.  This can also mean that you have allowed your own ego to be pushed aside so that you could serve yourself as a place for healing energy to work for others.


Everyone has a type of healing ability, but some people have a real gift that can be used to help others to heal.  There are many ways that you can use your healing gifts, and this can mean that you are an energy healer and that there are different paths that you can follow.  The first step is finding out where your heart is when it comes to be a healer.


Everyone has a system that allows them to know the real truth of something.  Your divine always communicates with you in dreams or visions and can give you a sense to know when things are true or false.  You will know that things are true and if you are a natural healer, find out how you feel with that.  Do you believe it is real?  Let it fill the inside of you and you can decide if it is real or false.  Listen to the different signals that you get from your guidance to know if it is true or not.

Something You Have Wanted

Sometimes a person has goals and dreams in order to help others.  If you have the gift of healing, chances are it is something that you have always really wanted or looked into.  Chances are if you have, this is the right gift for you.

Excites You

If you are drawn to things like energy healing, then this is a nudge that tells you that you should follow that gifting.

If you consider this and it is something that you feel that you have and something that you want, look online and find a course on healing.  There are different courses that are available to you and can help you to do the biggest good.  Choose the one that you find interesting.


If you like to touch people and that is how you connect with them then you are someone that would be good with hands-on therapy.  You will benefit from hands on energy healing.

  • Reiki-this is healing that allows you to touch someone from a distance and heal them.
  • Quantum touch-this hands-on healing helps you to get energy from the life and from the planet to help people heal.
  • Polarity therapy-this is where you work with either air, earth, fire, ether or water to do healing work.
  • Healing Touch
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Chakra Cleansing


There are different tools that an energy healer can use and many books that can be read and studied such as:

  • Sounds-using different sounds and vibrations for healing. This can be a tool.
  • Crystal therapy-this allows you to use different crystals and rocks for healing.
  • Aromatherapy-this allows you to use different essential oils and smells to expand your mind and your healing power.

Healing Paths

There are other traditional methods that people use for healing such as being a vet, a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, nurse or other people in the medical field.  Each of these people will have a path to help heal others and there are different schools that you can attend to reach this educational healing goal.


If you are drawn to the idea of helping and healing others, then you need to take time to find out what your abilities are.  You need to meditate and tune into your divine guides and help them to show you what is a perfect area of healing for you.  Maybe you will be drawn to healing paths that amaze or excite you.

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