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Why Do Ghost Animal Meetings Happen?

Ghost Animal Meetings

The bonds that you have with your pets are powerful and they are even part of you when they die. Pets can come back as ghosts after they pass to the other side.

Why Do Pets Come Back?

Most of the time when a pet comes back after death, they probably died suddenly, or they faced some kind of trauma. This can cause your pet to be stuck in a certain space. This is why there are so many battlefields that are said to be haunted or violent places. This happens because of some kind of hurt that the people in war faced.

Most animals that live in your house will come around as ghosts for reasons not because they want to hurt anyone. They will come to you because they want to connect with you after death and they want you to know that they are okay. Another reason that they sometimes come back is because they are loyal, and they are there to guard you like a guardian angel.

Some animals are guardian angels, and they don’t come around unless you are facing some kind of emotional problem or some situation where you really need them. Then, they will come and protect you. The ghost pet is one that will give love to their owner and sometimes the owner can feel their spirit loving on them.

Animals can come back and show up as a ghost anywhere. The animals can haunt places like roads, houses, or historical places. Even though cats and dogs generally will go to their old homes, some animals live in barns and on farms and if they come back, they might go there.

How Long Do Animals Stay?

Animal ghosts will stay as long as they want. They will stay when their owner is grieving until they feel that their owner can make it on their own. Sometimes an animal ghost will find the same spot that they used to sit with their owner, and they will stay there for weeks until they know that their owner feels okay enough for them to leave. They want to offer their love and care to their owner.

Other animals might choose to stay for a long time. They might feel that their owner still needing them, or they might just stay because they like their earthly home. Sometimes a ghost pet will move when the family moves.

The ghost animal might stay in a place that they knew they belonged to, and this can be one that runs around the house or one that you can hear moving around or making noises.

Moving to a New Place

If you have moved into a new home, there are some homes that have ghost pets that live there from the previous owners. This can be scary at first but as soon as you understand that this is a ghost pet you will get used to it being there.

It is rare that there are animals that will stay when someone moves but if an animal has been abused or hurt on the earth then this can be a spirit that is scarier than one that wasn’t troubled. If you feel negative energy from something in your home, talk to a medium and see if they can get rid of the animals and help there to be at peace by communicating with them.

Communicating with a Spirit Animal

If you have had strange things happening in your home and you feel that you are living with a ghost or spirit animal, you can tune your own energy to their energy and you can use this to communicate with that animal.

Find a medium that you can talk to, and you might find that speaking and communicating with this animal will bring you peace. Any psychic should be able to tell you if there is spirit energy in your home. If you are working in the spiritual world and you know that there is a ghost pet, the best thing that you can do is to show compassion, caring and love for the animal and this can bring peace into your area.

Helping a Ghost Leave Your Home

Ghost Leave Your Home

Some people believe in ghosts and spirits and others do not. If you believe in ghosts and spirits, it may be because you have experienced one in your own home. Sometimes these spirits are not an issue, but other times they are unwelcome and you just need a way to help them find their way out. If you want to rid your space of an unwanted ghost or spirit, there are several simple solutions you can try without the help of a professional, like turning your broomstick upside down. Learn more here.

Ask or Demand The Entity Leave

Though this sounds simple, ghosts often do not realize they are unwanted or even ghosts. The easiest place to start is to simply ask them to leave. Do not be angry or fearful when asking the ghost to leave, but do be firm and certain with your intentions. Many times, simply being clear and firm is enough to get an unwanted guest to become aware and make their way out of your space. However sometimes ghosts and spirits are a bit more stubborn and persistent so you may have to be stern in your request. Once the request is made, ignore the spirit and any activities that may occur. A cold should for the entity sends a strong message.


Smudging and burning incense can often help a spirit find its way out of your home. The most common and effective form of smudging is with sage, typically white sage which is lit and allowed to smoke as you walk through the home. If using sage for smudging, make sure to open a few windows and doors for practical reasons, like not setting off your smoke detectors. Also ensure that you are not allergic to sage because some allergic reactions can be severe. Smudging is known to clear negative energy and spirits from homes. Make sure to go around doorways and opening to the home. When burning sage make sure to carry a tray below the bundle of sage to catch embers. As you smudge, clearly state your intention with a firm voice.

White Candles

Sage is not the only thing that can be burned for a spiritual cleanse. White candles can also keep supernatural beings at bay because they emote a positive energy. Light small white votives in every room to extinguish the darkness, literally and figuratively.

Salt and White Roses

Both salt and white roses can be used alone to help rid your home of evil spirits, but they also pair well. White roses are able to suck supernatural activity out of a home and after they die, through them out immediately and then rinse salt down the drain to make sure all negativity goes with it. Using salt alone is just as simple. Sprinkle salt along the entrances of your home to keep spirits out. This can be especially helpful after smudging or using other cleansing methods.

If you still feel an evil presence after trying the methods listed above, contact a professional to help.

Thyme For Everything


Thyme is for much more than just cooking. Thyme is an herb that is largely forgotten, but highly useful. Both the leaves and flowering tops of this herb can be used in the ways described below.

Benefits of Thyme

  • Cough Suppressant/Respiratory Health – Thyme is very beneficial to respiratory health especially when bronchitis or congestion is present in the body. In addition, thyme can be used to reduce coughing for many people. This is in part because thyme contains plant phenols like thymol and carvacrol which are anti-spasmodic. The antibacterial and expectorant qualities of thyme thins mucus while soothing and healing the bronchial tract. The most common form of thyme for this benefit is thyme oil.
  • Sore Throat Remedy/Antibacterial – One again, thyme essential oil is a powerful antimicrobial that fights different forms of bacteria and heals the throat. Scientists have shown that thyme oil can be effective against many antibiotic resistant strain s of bacteria.
  • Wound Healing – A bit of thyme tincture has antiseptic compounds and will guard wounds against infections while speeding up the healing process.
  • Heart Health – Since thyme has antispasmodic qualities, the essential oil can be used to help relax arteries and veins to ease stress on the heart. In addition, use of the essential oil in the required way can strengthen heart muscles while stimulating the circulatory system.
  • Digestive Health – Thyme can be beneficial to the digestive system even when a problem does not exist. The active compound of thymol stimulates the peristaltic muscle movements so food does not rest in the stomach for prolonged periods of time. This can help to relieve intestinal cramping and reduce bloating that is caused by malabsorption. However, any stomach issues should first be discussed with a medical doctor before using thyme.
  • Kidney Health – Thyme is great for promoting regular urination as it acts as a natural diuretic without messing up electrolyte balance within the body.
  • Mood Enhancer – The carvacrol in thyme can exert a positive effect on overall mood as it increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your system. Consuming the herb regularly or simply diffusing it in an aromatherapy burner can create a relaxing environment that promotes well-being.

Thyme goes beyond the medical field as it has a rich history in folklore. Thyme was once burned as incense to restore clarity and strength and to clear the air of diseases. In addition, thyme has long had a reputation as a protector and healer while being associated with bravery and courage. Thyme was often gifted to soldiers preparing to go into battle who were expected to inhale it for courage and if they should perish, help lead them into a positive afterlife. Thyme has a rich history and multiple uses. It is also easy to grow in a windowsill garden or home planter. Experience the richness of thyme in your own life through the use of thyme herbal tea, essential oil, aromatherapy, or cooking. The possibilities are varied for this simple herb that is beautiful to look at and easy to grow.

Prayer as the Greatest Gift


Everyone loves getting gifts and giving them can be just as special, but the greatest gift of all cannot be wrapped, worn, or displayed on a shelf. The greatest gift someone can offer or receive is that or prayer. Though it may seem old fashioned for some to hear the words, “I will pray for you,” it is far from an outdated offer. When someone offers to pray for you it means that they care and have such affection towards you that they will talk to God about you.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is quite simply talking to God. Some people choose to keep this pretty formal, but more see God as a Father and friend that can be talked to as someone that is sitting beside them and listening as they discuss what is happening in their lives. Just as we share our struggles, joys, and concerns with close friends, prayer allows us to share with God. When someone offers to pray for you, take it as a show of affection strong enough that they are willing to discuss you with the Creator of the universe. There is no greater compliment than knowing you are important enough to be shared with someone so great and that the person making the offer is going to continue to have you on their mind long after your conversation has ended.

How is Prayer a Gift?

Prayer is a gift at different levels and in different ways. Prayer is a gift that can be freely given when nothing and everything is available. Prayer is free as far as money, but can cost the person making the offer time, effort, and thought. These are all things that are priceless because they cannot be renewed. Prayer is therefore a priceless gift. For the person being offered prayer it is also a gift. Prayer is a gift that is wishing you a better life and better path forward, but also abundance and blessings. Prayer is the knowledge that someone is taking time out of their day to think about you and discuss you with God. For those that do not believe in God, prayer may seem meaningless, but for those that do, God is hearing your name and focusing on you in a very specific way. God wants to hear about His children and prayer is the way this happens. So, in a way, prayer is offering you eternity in paradise. Prayer is reaching out in faith to receive answers on someone else’s behalf and for their benefit.

How to Respond

When someone offers you the gift of prayer, accept it openly and with a pure heart. Some people may see it as a cop-out or an insult when someone can only offer prayer, but that could be the best offer you receive. Just as with gifts you appreciate not for how much they cost, but the intention behind them, prayer is something heart felt and special. So, the next time someone says they will pray for you, smile and know you are worth their time and on their mind.

The Power of Seven

Power of Seven

The number seven has long been considered powerful in astrology and religion. The number seven appears in multiple ways in spiritual matters which will be shared below to demonstrate its power. Each of the sevens illustrated also corresponds to a day of the week and different characteristics.

The Seven Rays

The seven rays are a way to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses as well as our character as we are getting better equipped. A knowledge of the seven rays can enable true servers to work with greater effectiveness and skill in any chosen field. Each of the different rays has specific details with virtues, vices, and qualities which can help us understand one another and work in harmony. A ray is a particular force of energy and the related qualities it exhibits. The rays are explained below.

  • First Ray – Strength – Strong, brave, persevering in service
  • Second Ray – Wisdom – Attaining intuitional wisdom which is developed through perfect love
  • Third Ray – Adaptability – Gaining the power of saying and doing the right thing at the right time of meeting to help others understand more efficiently
  • Fourth Ray – Beauty and Harmony – Bringing beauty and harmony into life and surroundings to be more worthy, learning to see beauty
  • Fifth Ray – Science – Gaining knowledge and accuracy that may be devoted to service
  • Sixth Ray – Devotion – Unfolding devotion within the self to bring others into wisdom
  • Seventh Ray – Ordered Service – Order and arrangement of service with God to take full advantage of the help from the angels.

Seven Archangels

The seven archangels are the watchers over human beings. Each angel has a specific role and cares for humans as a collective. The seven archangels are shared below.

  • Michael – Sunday – Considered the most important of the archangels and the antithesis of Lucifer; Michael is the angel general and advocate for the people of Israel and said to be the patron saint of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.
  • Gabriel – Monday – Considered the hero of God and serves as a holy messenger; the archangel of revelation, wisdom, prophecy, and visions; patron saint of the Sacrament of Baptism.
  • Uriel – Tuesday – Considered the archangel of repentance and the damned with a specific assignment to watch over Hades; the patron of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Raphael – Wednesday – Considered a healer and connected to the planet Mercury; Raphael is the patron of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Selaphiel – Thursday – Considered the archangel of revelation who presents prayers from people on earth to God.
  • Raguel/Sealtiel – Friday – Considered the archangel of fairness and justice and is the patron of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
  • Barachiel – Saturday – Considered the archangel of lightning and blessings; a chief angel.

The Seven Cycles of Life

The seven cycles of life are significant astrologically speaking. We all go through seven-year cycles that can dramatically shift our reality and human existence. The number seven marks a catalyst for people’s lives on the collective and personal scales. The seven-year cycle is most associated with Saturn and Uranus with Uranus representing liberation and change and Saturn representing growth and evolution into our authentic selves. When dealing with the seven-year cycle there are some tips to make it a bit bearable. These are shared below.

  • Check in with Core Values – Ensure you are living by your values and core beliefs with each cycle change
  • Release Anything Out of Alignment – A new seven-year cycle can have you questioning those things no longer serving a purpose in life, this is the perfect time to let them go if not aligned with your authentic self
  • Understanding Other Perspectives – In the Uranus cycle which is about unity and humanitarianism, work on embracing one another’s viewpoints to move humanity forward


The above are just a few examples of the importance of the number seven in astrology and religion. Seven is meaningful, lucky, and important in many different areas. Whether you see the number seven in a birth chart, consider it the perfect number, or something else, know it serves a special purpose.

Using Crystals for Decisions

Crystals for Decisions

Making decisions in life can be confusing and overwhelming at times, but with the help of crystals you can make decisions in the area of career, business, and relationships with the best crystals. We often reach a point in our lives when we are facing a crossroads and have many options, but are uncertain which choice to make. The confusion can leave us unable to decide but we must thoroughly consider each choice because the right one can make us, but the wrong one can cause damage to our well-being. The good news is crystals and gemstones can help us make the best decisions for our lives. Crystals and gemstones help by emptying our minds of anxiety, fear, and worry, allowing us to replace the negativity with stability and a tranquil feeling so we can make the best possible decisions. Read on to learn which crystals can help the most in different areas.

The Best Crystals for Decision Making

We get to where we are in life because we made specific decisions and they worked out in one way or another. Whether we are trying to find a new path, decide which person to spend our lives with, or choose a career, we need to make the best choice. We make these types of decisions every day, big and small. Check out each crystal below to understand the best way to gain help.

  • Azurite – Azurite is the stone of possibilities and is a beautiful gift of nature that comes in blue. This stone is most associated with the third eye chakra and helps to sharpen your focus while broadening your views to help you see thing smore clearly. Azurite can improve your inner dreams and visions to help you make the right decisions. Azurite will help you view potential opportunities from afar which makes it excellent for your profession, business, or career. Azurite can further enhance new learning concepts, maximizes connections and opportunities, and helps with developing innovative ideas.
  • Blue Topaz – Blue topaz is the gemstone of opportunity in a variety of blue shades. Blue topaz is most associated with communication, wisdom, and finding your way to opportunity and success. Blue topaz is used to alleviate fear and worry as it invites you to trust in your inner power and find your good fortune. Blue topaz is the rarest form of topaz and is mined in many deep corners of the earth. Blue topaz is known for its healing properties and can help you overcome fears, especially those associated with communication. When you need to make a decision and express yourself, this is the stone to choose.
  • Green Tourmaline – Green Tourmaline is perfect when you are easily distracted because it helps provide focus and tunnel vision that will help you move forward. Wearing or carrying green tourmaline helps you to be decisive and certain of the choices you make in each area of life. In addition, green tourmaline can provide a heightened sense of awareness that will help you grow into your highest sense of self as you follow your heart’s desire. To further expand your manifestation powers and drive, pair green tourmaline with pyrite.
  • Rutile Quartz – Rutilated quartz has long been considered worthless by miners because it was not pure, but the ethereal beauty of this form of quartz has been compared to shimmering angel’s hair. Rutilated quartz is made up of rutile and quartz and the combined energy means the healing properties and benefits of both are present. Rutile quarts is known to foster clarity of thought, guide decisive action, and promote greater insight with creativity. The crystal is believed to aid in manifesting the positive desires of the holder which means it is often used when someone is seeking financial prosperity.  The crystal can further ward off fear and anxiety.
  • Phantom Quartz – Phantom quartz has a cloudy appearance but an alluring vibration that can drawn you in with ease. Phantom quartz is best when you need deep emotional healing and the ability to trust your gut intuition. Phantom quartz helps us connect to the world and bond with living things. Most associated with the crown chakra the phantom quartz is an extremely spiritual stone that filters divine wisdom from the highest realms.
  • Chiastolite – Chiastolite is a stone with a medium to dark brown color with a black or green cross shape. Chiastolite is used to provide strength during hard times or when making difficult choices. Chiastolite is a protective stone that will protect you from negative energies to keep you safe and secure. This is the idea stone when you face a crossroads in life.

No matter which stone or crystal you choose, try wearing or meditating with the stone to focus your thoughts, clear your mind, and find the answers you desire.

How to Live with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder which was once known as manic depression is a mental health condition. Someone with bipolar can experience extreme mood swings with highs and lows also called mania and depression. When in a manic stage the person may feel uncontrollable but also in a great mood. A person with bipolar in a manic stage may make rash decisions and take risks that would not normally be considered. The person may also be easily excited about everyday activities or trying new things. By contrast, when a bipolar person is in a depressive state they may feel hopeless, sad, and lose interest in most activities. In extreme cases this may extend to basic hygiene practices.

The problem for those with bipolar is that if left untreated, the swings from mania to depression can happen unexpectedly and be at extreme levels. Some people can cycle multiple times a day while others may only experience swings every few months or even years. Treatment with medication can help some, but swings are still possible. For those suffering with bipolar disorder, it can be tough to handle the extreme highs and lows when with friends or family members because their reaction does not match what the person with bipolar is feeling. This can lead to a reaction of irritability and anger.

If you have bipolar, it is important to remember a few things when hanging out with friends who do not have bipolar. The first is that a nauseating feeling may be overwhelming when someone does not react as strongly as expected. It is important that we understand that not everyone will feel things as strongly as we do with bipolar disorder. Others will not act or feel as we do, even though we may think they should. This lack of strong reaction does not mean they are uninterested or lying about their feelings, just that they do not process things as we do in life. There is no need to get angry with others, just understand that everyone is different.

Living with bipolar disorder can be tough and requires understanding of the self and of others. It takes time and effort to learn to accept that we see the world differently, but being different is what makes the world an interesting place to exist. Accept your emotional differences and embrace that difference, even if medication ends up being part of your life. Emotions are normal and within reasonable levels, healthy. When you do feel your emotions getting out of control, find a healthy outlet like painting, running, or singing. While this may not stop the mania, it can get out some of the energy. If you are in a depressive state, seek help and make sure to care for yourself in a healthy way. It is easy to get very depressed and stop caring for basic needs. Bipolar disorder is simply a condition, not something that will ruin your life if you do not let it. Never fear seeking help if needed, that is why help is available.

How to Find the Right Relationship

Find the Right Relationship

Relationships are a natural part of life and love, but finding the one that is perfect for you can seem overwhelming. It is always nice when a simple list exists to help us know where to at least get started. Below is a list to help you know how to find a relationship that will work in your life and hopefully lead to lasting love in the long-term.

  1. Know Yourself

It is impossible to find the right relationship if we do not know ourselves well. The right relationship always begins with self-work and getting to know yourself at the deepest levels. Getting to know ourselves is so important because if we do not know what we want, believe, or expect, we cannot find someone to offer that to us in a relationship. In addition, a relationship is not about completing us, but about helping us grow more secure in who we are in life. If we do not know who we are, no one can help us grow into something greater in the context of a relationship.

  1. Know Exactly Who You are Looking For

Almost as importantly as knowing yourself is knowing what you want in a relationship. While most people think of what they are looking for in terms of physical appearance, looks fade over time, so do not be so limiting. Spend time thinking about and possibly writing down what you want in a partner like kind, cares for animals, or similar interests and then be open to receiving that partner in whatever form that may take. As you think about the list, you are putting the intention out into the universe to allow it to return when the time is right.

  1. Put Yourself Out There

Finding a relationship requires getting out and meeting people. While internet dating is fun, if you are looking for something lasting then face to face is the way to go. No great relationship was formed vegging out on the couch alone as you binge watch television. Be willing to put yourself out into the world and be ready to meet your match around every corner. It may take a few days or a year, but be open to putting your best foot forward each and every day.

  1. Allow Them to Pursue You

While you may feel desperate for a relationship, never appear too desperate or willing for a potential partner. Men tend to like to do the chasing, but this is somewhat true for both genders. Make yourself known, but not too available by stopping by to say hello, mentioning you would like to hang out sometime, and then walking away to wait for an invitation. If you are too easy to access then all the mystery is removed and so is the fun in the chase. People should know you may be available, but you are far from available for just anyone. Think of it as if you are a child and want a toy that is just out of reach. It made that toy much more desirable and you worked harder to access it. If someone is not willing to put in effort to chase you for a little while, then they are not worth a relationship.

  1. Give People a Chance

Most people carry around a specific image of who they think would be the perfect partner, but it is important to let those who do not fit your ideal image have a chance. You may be surprised at who ends up being the one if you are open enough to give them the chance.

  1. Stop Wondering If You are Right for Them

If you are in a relationship or one is forming, just let things unfold naturally. There is no need to worry if you are right for the other person because you are already hitting it off. Each person must make their own decisions on if and when to make the relationship work.

Relationships are important to humans and finding the right one can be life altering. Take this list and start working on yourself and then go out into the world to find your match.

Don’t Ever Lose Hope

Don’t Ever Lose Hope

Life can be chaotic, frustrating, and crazy at times, but there is never a reason to lose hope. We always have the option of prayer to God. At times, it can get frustrating to pray and seem to not get any form of answer or get an answer that we do not like, but this does not mean we should give up on God or ourselves. Patience is never in vain; we must continue to trust in God’s timing because He knows our heart and our desires and will answer when the time is right.

Praying for Years

God’s time and provision continue to amaze people around the world. I once heard a story in church about a man who had been friends with another man for over 60 years. The two had served in the military together and soon lived in the same town, living their separate lives with wives, children, and eventually grandchildren. The two men were very close and visited one another often, their families growing up together. However, one man was very dedicated to God and the other could not believe in a God that allowed war. For 60 years the first man would demonstrate God’s love toward his friend and tell him about the love of God at every opportunity without being preachy. The first man lived a full life and died at the age of 88. As family and friends gathered to mourn his passing, an invitation to accept Christ was given. The friend had heard this hundreds of times before, but in that moment he knew what his friend had been saying and accepted Christ. The friend that died first had prayed for decades for his friend, but he never saw the fruits of those prayers. However, God’s timing was perfect and the other man did accept Christ before his life was over.

Not an Expected Answer

Just as God does not necessarily answer in our time, He may also not answer in the way we expect. At times, God may even say no because our prayer is not what is best for our life. He knows best. This is demonstrated in a story about a young woman who was looking for a job that was desperately needed. The girl heard about an amazing bookkeeping job that would pay well and provide any training necessary. The girl applied and the interview went well. She got the job, but before training even began she prayed to make sure it was right. Something felt off, but there was no sign that a problem existed. Circumstances allowed the training to be postponed for several months and another job opportunity arose that did not pay as well, but would start immediately. The girl took the job and loved her work as an instructor. Less than two weeks after beginning, the original company was shut down for illegal practices. If the girl had gone to training there, she may have ended up in jail, but God provided another opportunity.


Life is full of ups and down. God is still in control, even when we feel like He has given up. Stay strong and be patient, God will answer when the time is right and in the way that best serves our lives and His purpose. Never lose the faith because it will carry us through.

4 Elements and 4 Powers

four elements model

The four elements are related to the four powers and have historical ties. According to the classical model, every object and principle in creation is a compound of the four basal elements of fire, earth, water, and air. Keep in mind that these elements as we know them are a distorted correspondence of the actual four elements.

Each element has a proper quality and a mean quality. The qualities correspond easily with fire being hot, earth dry, water cold, and air moist. Using the principle of interconnection we come to the notion of mean qualities. Each element borrows the next element’s proper quality and highlights the interconnectedness. These are as follows, fire dry, earth cold, water moist, and air hot.

A Place in Astrology

The four elements model describes the archetypal state as an ideal which does not exist in pure form on the plane of Earth.  This is similar to quantum physics theory and deals with the instability and elusiveness of subatomic particles. The three orders describe how the elements combine and then transmute on the way to this earthly plane. This results in three orders. The first order is the four elements in their purest form and an unmixed state. The second order is when the four elements are compounded but can still be returned to the original state. Order three is created out of twice compounded elements with mixtures transformable into one another. The first two orders are too pure and hypothetical for us to understand, but the third is where astrology operates. This is still much more subtle than the physical realm we interact with, but also useful. The third order allows manifestation as far as astral magnetism, four, number and color, vibration and attraction, and the attributes of substance, space, and time. These are all part of the astrological discipline.

The Four Elements Prayer

The prayer to the gods and goddesses using the four elements has roots in the Celtic Christian faith, but has been adapted over the years and with passing time. Each element is associated with a power and combines with the serenity prayer to help us live our life. This begins with the power of water that is meant to help us accept with ease and grace what cannot be changed by us. Think of water as something that flows where it chooses. Over time, even a trickle of water can alter things, but as humans we do not have this same effect on most things. Next up is the power of fire which is for the energy of courage to change the things we can. Fire is hot and representative of burning brightly or passion. It requires passion to make real changes happen. Then we come to the power of air for the ability to know the difference. Air is required for life, but it can be both positive and negative. A gentle breeze makes a day pleasant, but a tornado causes great damage, we must learn to recognize the difference in life. Finally, we close with the power of earth for the strength to continue our path. The earth is about growth and being rooted. The earth ties us to the world and one another as we move forward in our journey.

The elements, the powers, and the prayer can help us stay on track in our life as our journey moves us in different directions. Hold it close.