Tarot Reading and Advice for Mediums

Tarot Reading

People sometimes call tarot readings psychic advice because they are able to look at what a card means and they can read it to tell the past, present and future. When you do a reading, you need to look at the cards and see what stands out to you or what the card makes you feel or think.

The cards have different descriptions but no matter what that says, you need to tune into your own knowledge and see what it makes you feel. Since everyone has some psychic powers, you can pay attention to what you are feeling, and you can learn to know what the cards mean.

Finding Tarot Powers

You have to learn to look at the card and really study it. See what it makes you feel and what it makes you think. If you have something that is upsetting you at the time, your tarot card can help you to figure out what is wrong and how to make it better.

If you had a card that had a picture on it, did that picture make you feel good? What would you say about it? Do you feel that it is leading you to a certain thing?

You have to learn to trust what your intuition tells you and you can do this by letting your mind wander. You can write down what the card means to you.

Picking the Card

The first card can mean strength. That means that you are strong, and you are able to do things. This can mean that you also are:

  • Compassionate
  • Gentle
  • Loving
  • Powerful
  • Courageous

You need to have the power to believe in yourself and to find out what your giftings are.

Tarot Card Two

The second card is the wheel of fortune card. This is found in the Major Arcana deck. This is a card that has a good message for you. It can take what is bad and give you luck.

If you are in a bad situation, this card can mean that you are going to have something happen to you that helps you to grow.

You might meet someone new, or you might have an opportunity come up that you never expected.

Card Three

The third card is the 4 of Pentacles and this can mean that you have a blockage in your life. Maybe something happened that caused you to be withdrawn and made you feel that you had to keep yourself safe.

When you put this barrier up to keep yourself safe, you forget that you could no longer feel love or feel abundance because of the boundaries. You have to let these things go and speak with your heart.

Card Four

The Six of Wands tells you that you will have victory come to you. You will keep moving forward and you will be rewarded because of that. You will learn to celebrate who you are and to let your victory make you feel good. This can be a financial or a spiritual victory. Maybe you need people to love you and you will find that.

Pay attention to each card and see what it tells you. Once you do that, write it down so you can remember what it tells you.