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Root Chakra is Opened

How to Tell if Your Root Chakra is Opened and Balanced

Most people recognize the signs of an unhealthy root chakra:  fatigue, constipation, fear, anxiety, lethargy and instability.  This trigger a need to rebalance this chakra point, but how can you be sure these techniques have actually helped?  Have no fear, we have put together a simple list of impact signs to notice in your life.  If any of these points resonate with you, then you can be sure to your efforts to cleanse and balance your chakra system is working!

Feeling ease

Blocked root chakras make you feel like you are walking through waist-deep mud in every facet of your life!  With a balance root chakra, energy flows freely and effortlessly.  Things that once seem difficult, now seem natural and you have a sense the Universe is working to help you succeed.

Feeling emboldened

You once might have been consumed with fears, anxiety and doubt.  Now you feel great peace and encouragement to try new opportunities.  You have the ability to forgive past transgressions and look forward to a bright and bountiful future.  Things that once made you uncomfortable like spider or public speaking now give you a healthy sense of curiosity and wonder.

Changes in weight

Blocked root chakras drastically impact your adrenal glands, which regulate cortisol in your body.  When you balance this energy point, you body can once again maintain optimal cortisol levels leading to better stress regulation and metabolism.  This contributes to healthy levels of weight without having to resort to drastic lifestyle alterations.

Increased libido

Increased cortisol tells any mammal its not safe to procreate and thus will lower sex hormones.  As our root chakra balances, our inner world begins to feel safe again, which naturally will raise our libido.

Financial gain

Money is simply a manifestation of the energy that exists throughout the Universe.  An open root chakra allows us to feel cared for and receptive to all opportunities.  This ultimately leads to finding pathways to financial abundance.  Without the fear of a block root chakra, we become receptive to opportunities and can take comfort in knowing our actions are directly contributing to good fortune on the horizon and the ability to share our gifts with others.

Lack of attachment

Blocked root chakras send egos seeking security in unstable places.  This leads to unhealthy attachments to material objects, superficial people, statuses, and careers.  Bringing this energy point back into alignment causes the ego to relax and let our inner wisdom steer us towards mindfulness.  This act lessens the illusion of attachments and frees us to enjoy the flow of the present regardless of any potential outcome.

Most people have sustained imbalanced charkas for so long enduring fear, insecurity, meager finances and discouragement claiming their ambitions that obtaining a life of abundance and peace seems like a fantasy.  But each of the above signs of a healthy root chakra is available to you as soon as you are ready to claim them.

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