What to Do When a Spirit Guide Leaves You

Spirit Guide

Everyone has a spirit guide, but sometimes a spirit guide can leave you. Some spirit guides will leave you after a few days of being with you, and this might leave you feeling confused or afraid.

Most people believe that the spirit guide will stay with you for your entire life, and some of them will even stay during the lifetimes that someone has over and over again. However, many psychics and healers believe that this is not exactly true.

People have more than one spirit guide; the guides help you through your life and daily activities. Most of the guides will stay with you forever, and they have the purpose of protecting you and helping to guide you. They want your soul to grow and you to reach your higher self.

Once you learn the lessons, your guides have taught you, sometimes your guides will leave you.

You will know that your guide is leaving you because you will have a very bad day. You might even find that you are more emotional than you have been for a while.

There will be no real reason why you feel that your emotions are in control of you that day, and you will feel uneasy and strange. This can be a big sign that your guides are about to leave you.

Once you react to this and your soul level has feelings that manifest into your body and your mind, it might bring sadness to your life and being.

No one ever wants someone or something to leave them forever, and when this happens with your spirit guide, you will feel betrayed. On the other hand, you will believe that your guide is there to love you and to be with you for your whole life, and when that doesn’t happen, chances are that you will have different feelings.

Some of the things you might feel include:

  • Betrayal
  • Loss
  • Sadness
  • Hurt
  • Pain
  • Loneliness

When you have these feelings, it will be normal because you are parting from your spirit guide. Most of the time, your guide will come before you and leave you with something so that you will always remember them.

When your guide leaves, you will know when they are gone. It might be a few days that you have bad feelings, but it might also be just a few minutes or a part of a day. Maybe you have no warning that they are leaving you.

The time might be different for you than it is for someone else. This is because they don’t want you to be sad.

Sometimes a guide will leave you because you learned what you needed to learn. For example, maybe you had emotions that you needed to get rid of, and then you did. Once you have learned your lesson, your soul will no longer need that spirit guide to guide you.

This allows you to move to a higher vibrational frequency and allows your guide to go to someone else. This allows your spiritual awareness to increase. When your guide leaves you, you will be more aware and knowledgeable.

When your guide leaves you, you will have conflicting feelings. You will feel good one day, and then you will feel bad or sad the next.

You might even find that your physical body feels hurt filled or painful and that you are no longer feeling secure in yourself. This can happen when your soul knows that your guide is leaving you.

A guide will leave you once you have learned the lesson that they are trying to teach you. This is something that is not meant to hurt you, but it is meant to help you reach your higher self. Once you let go of things you no longer need and find your soul path, your guide can move on.

Even though this will challenge you, you must forgive your guide and not be angry or jealous of someone else and what they have with their guide.

Whatever lesson you need to learn, you will be faced with it until you understand what you are doing wrong and until you learn the underlying lesson. Therefore, it is important that you push forward and learn new things in your life.

Losing a guide is confirmation that you are doing the right thing in your life and that you are moving on. This is how you learn to forgive and how you learn to let go of things that are not good for you.

Losing your guide is not a good experience, but it is something that will happen when you learn to move forward in your life and do things that seem impossible. Remember, losing a guide means you are moving to a higher level in life and you can survive. Let go, forgive, and know that the next time you need a guide, one will be available.