What Empaths See and Feel

What Empaths See and Feel

Empaths are people that feel the emotions and feelings of other people. Empaths are sometimes known to even hear from spirits.

People who interact with others often can empathize with a situation. Still, an empath can have a different situation where they feel the energy, and they can know what the person is feeling and thinking without the person saying a word.


Empathy is when you can tune into what someone else is feeling and know what they are thinking.

They might be someone that will cry when someone that they are talking to is crying. They will even feel the same physical pains that a person has, including a headache or a broken bone. This can be an experience that is different for each person.

The empath might feel the feelings with the same intensity as the person having them. For example, people close to someone can feel the feelings of others, but it is different for an empath, and they often feel drained or tired when in crowded places.

If an empath wants to survive, they must learn to create boundaries so that their emotions do not overwhelm them and cause them depression, more stress, and anxiety.

Clairsentient Empath

Being able to see things beyond the five senses, people with a sixth sense can see into the spirit world. As a result, they can change their perception and see things differently as a clairsentient empath.

Can Empaths See Spirits?

Empaths are able to sense energy and to know what people are feeling around them, but they can also sense spirits when they are in the room.

People with these gifts can feel not only emotions but also the spirits and their emotions. They have a gut instinct and can sense when ghosts or spirits are in the room they are in at the moment.

Empaths can be aware of their own giftings, but if they want to be strong, they have to create boundaries so they can use their gifts but keep their sanity.

Being an empath is not a curse; it is a blessing to be able to help others.

When empaths learn to protect themselves and set boundaries, they can pick up the emotions they choose, absorb the energy, and help others to heal.

Hidden Gifts

You can increase your gifts or find them if you don’t know whether you have them. Here are some ways:

  • Keep a journal about what you are feeling and where you are when you have these feelings.
  • Know the feelings of people around you and the feelings that you picked up from your own emotions.
  • When you are around certain people, pay attention to how they make you feel.
  • If you have to, set boundaries.
  • Imagine that you are grounding yourself and that you are strong, and your emotions are in check.

Always set the intention to make sure that your vibrational frequency is high. Make sure that you are comforted by your energy and that you do not let stress get the best of you.

Being an empath is a gift, but you have to learn to be aware of what emotions you are feeling and not let yourself get overwhelmed.

The more you know what you are feeling, the better you will be able to understand the gifts inside of you. Embrace your empathic energy and learn to use it productively.