Ways to Clean Your Aura

Burning Sage

Your aura is a field of energy that extends several inches beyond your physical being.  If you have ever sense someone approaching you despite never touching or speaking to you, that is because they have brushed up against your aura.  Just like you must regular clean your hair and skin, so to must you cleanse your aura periodically.  Your aura accumulates an array of external stimuli that influences and impact you throughout the day.  Cleaning ensures you remove any negativity or excess energy to ensure you remain energetically balanced.

How to Clean Your Aura

Energy cleansing differs from how you clean your physical body.  Since aura is comprised of energy it requires specialized care.  There is an array of method that comes from around the world to help you maintain optimal energetic balance.

  • Burning Sage and Incense

Smudging yourself with incense or sage smoke is a popular method of cleansing.  Sage is typically preferred, but sandalwood incense is also effective.  Be aware that many herbs and resins can trigger allergic reactions. If you do smudge, make sure you do carefully in a well-ventilated space and be careful to extinguish any falling embers to avoid a fire.

  • Essential Oils

Diluted essential oils can be used at home or work in a diffuser to cleanse your aura and energy lingering in a particular room.  These oils can both be a purifying and protective influence.  Similar to smudging, essential oils can trigger allergic reactions, especially to the skin.  Ensure you dilute any oils and, if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test before using products containing essential oils on your body.  Some essential oils can be harmful to pets, so speak to your vet about oils that are safe to use around your beloved companions.

  • Crystals

Crystals and gemstones, especially Rose quartz, can purify your aura.  You can wear these minerals as jewelry or carried them in a small bag or pocket.  Ensure you regularly clean and charge your crystals and gems to maintain their effectiveness.   Submerge your crystals in a clear glass bowl filled with water.  Place the bowl outdoors or near a window to receive the Universe’s energies via sun and moon rays.

  • Aura Sprays

Sprays using a base of water or witch hazel are a great way to receive the benefits of cleansing oils, herbs, and crystals.  Sprays help create a uniformed effect on your aura.  Use your intuition to direct what materials will go into your spray as energy levels, challenges, and goals are influenced by the energetic properties of these items.  Again, be cautious of how certain items can create allergic reactions.  Also remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals.