Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality is a strong thing and many wonder if there are signs that you are going through a spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening is often misunderstood and can be confusing to some. It is important to know if you are going through a spiritual awakening or if something else is going on.

What is Spirituality and Enlightenment

One of the reasons that people are misunderstood is because they do not know what is going on in their life. People look at spirituality and they think of it as an experience that they will have. The problem with this is that spirituality is not just a physical thing but a mental thing.

Enlightenment is something that has different meanings as well. This is associated with your mind and is when you are reaching your higher self. Enlightenment does not mean that you are awaked in your spirit or that you are mentally aware.

What Does Spiritual Awakening Mean?

Spiritual awakening means that you are in a reality that goes beyond the ego or the self. When this happens, you let go of your ego and you no longer allow it to control you. This is when you allow your higher self to come out.

Most people are more than just humans and the ego are part of the behaviors that you have. If you are a Taoist, you will realize that you have been conditioned by the earth since you were born.

An awakening means that Taoists are part of the self and the spirit is what makes you human.

Spiritual Awakening Versus Psychic Awakening

One of the most confusing things is that the spiritual and psychic awakening are often considered the same thing. A psychic awakening means that your pineal gland is activated, and this can be a dimension that is beyond space and time.

A spiritual awakening means that your heart opens up and you are becoming one with your body and soul.

Ego and Spirit

The ego is the lower soul and it is where you believe that you are in control. Your ego will have you saying things such as:

  • I am (your name).
  • I have a job.
  • I have a mother.
  • I have a car.
  • I think I am strong.

The ego is possessive of your life and you cannot separate yourself from your ego, until you reach that period of your life.

The lower soul or the ego is based on negative things and pleasures that you have. You have this so that you can meet your own needs but there are cons to this. The higher soul or the higher else is not made based on needs but it is a calming spirit that is loving, understanding and full of intuition.

The ego is full of knowledge of things we have learned but the spirit knows what is important and about the state of being in the body.

What Happens in an Awakening?

Learn to identify the ego. When your awakening begins, you need to learn to reach your higher self. You have to reach your wholeness, but this is an individualized thing and no awakening is the same.

No matter what you believe, you will not have a single moment where you are awake, but you will experience different things.

You will learn to develop and to grow spiritually but this takes time.

There are reasons that people are confused about their awakening and this is an experience where there is oneness and where there is change that comes along.

False Signs

Before you look at the symptoms of an awakening, there are different false signs that might come:

  • Thinking You are Good

Many people think that they are good, and others are evil. This is something that is taught in many different cultures. This can require shadow work and when you learn to stop judging others, you will become a better person.

  • Being a Spiritual Person

Falsely thinking that you are religious is wrong. This is not a spiritual thing, and this includes both your body and your mind.

When you see yourself as spiritual, you see things the way that the ego sees them.

  • Love and Light

When you are looking for goodness, you will see that you need to develop and change. Being spiritual means that you are showing people that you are a good person. This might make you feel better about who you are, but it does not make your spirit grow.

Spiritual awakening will make you face your anger, grief and all of the negative things and make you come to terms with them.

  • Being Nice

Pretending to be nice is not part of a spiritual awakening but a part of being immature. You were taught by your parents and teachers that you needed to be kind and behave yourself.

If you re acting nice, someone is probably manipulating you such as your parents. You do this so that you can be approved by others.

  • Believing You are Better

There is a pattern of the ego and when you are going through your spiritual awakening you will realize that you are judgmental and rude.

Here is what happens to show you are in a trap:

  • Reading spiritual texts.
  • Joining a religious group.
  • Practicing spiritual things.
  • Finding a spiritual teacher.

Specialness means you re full of your ego and you feel that you have found yourself. This is where you need to develop and be awakened.

  • Spiritual Bypass

The biggest trap that you will have is a spiritual bypass. This is where you will ignore emotional wounds, and these have to be addressed so that you can develop. You will resist this and be uncomfortable and this can be part of your childhood trauma. This can be a trigger from your environment and form your past.

Awakening Signs

There are some signs that you are going through your awakening:

  • Changes in Behavior

One of the biggest signs is that you will change your daily behavior. You will stop being addicted to things and you will change how you feel.

You will learn to be okay and you will learn that you have to be nicer and kinder to others.

  • Emotional Wellbeing

The body is an emotional thing and when you are going through your awakening, you will feel deeper. You will have emotional flows and instead of being possessed by things, you will be more human.

You will resist less and learn to understand your emotions of fear and guilt.

  • Reflect

You will learn to reflect and look at yourself. You will challenge yourself and learn to be more productive. You will stop being lazy and be the best you can be.

A spiritual awakening means you need to slow down and reflect on your life. You need to understand your behavior and learn to stop repressing memories. Learn to reflect on yourself and not to judge yourself for your past behaviors.

  • Changing Priorities

When you find out that you are changing your values and you are looking for better rules and systems, chances are that you are going through your awakening. This is a time where you can learn to reach your higher self.

Increasing your spiritual values is when you will change your behavior and you will try to be perfect, but you will seek truth in the world.

  • Change of the Inner World

Normal people are always focused on the work they do on the outside of their bodies. They want to have more money, more relationships, better goals and have a good social life.

In your spiritual awakening, you will change from seeing the outer world as important and you will begin to work on your inner being. You will work on your thoughts and feelings and you will change your imaginations. You will see that things in your waking state are real.

  • Opposites

People are often known to see things in black and white. There are things that are polar opposites such as daylight and dark and male and female.

To avoid this kind of thinking, you stop considering opposites and you learn to love people without there being hate involved.

You stop looking at opposites and instead you learn to seek the truth and to become whole.

  • Inner Freedom

Your ego will send you into a world where you have fears and worry. The ego is in control of you when you are not awakened, and it is there no matter what is going on in your life.

In the spirit world, you learn to have freedom and you learn to seek after things that will help you to be liberated in yourself.

  • Honesty and Responsibilities

When you become stronger in your spirit man, you become more honest with things in your life. You stop tolerating things that are deceiving and you begin to grow and be accountable for your actions. You will learn to take action for your emotions, and you will grow.

When you do not understand your behavior, there is not room to be accountable. You will feel guilt, but guilt has nothing to do with a spiritual awakening. You have to learn to correct your life and change your way of being.

  • Choices

Another sign of a spiritual awakening is that you begin to change your lifestyle choices. You see things that you used to do as unacceptable.

You begin to connect with the world and care about things such as the environment and nature. You see that there are bigger forces behind what is going on.

  • Oneness

The ego will try to make you feel that you need to be alone and will leave you fearing things such as death and being alone.

When you are awakening, you learn to stop seeing the ego through fear and you learn to identify things as simple and as important.

  • Awakening the Mind

There are many ways that you can awaken your mind and you can do this by looking online and finding different sights and exploring new ideas on these kinds of patterns. Learn to mediate deeply and to have a unified state of mind.

  • Spiritual Awakening

There are many people that have looked for their spiritual awakening such as Carl Jun, Ken Wilber and more. You will begin to realize there is a difference between your spiritual being and your earthly being. You will have different ideas and you will begin to develop your mind.

You will see that you can keep low mental development and change the way that you are developing in your spirit being.

  • Inflation and Deflation

Spiritual and mental growth are similar. There are ways that you can change but you cannot take your mind from your spirit.

You need to block your ego and not allow it to let you fall in a trap. Having qualities that you are better than others means your ego is inflated and this can cause you to miss what you are really meant to do.

When your ego is small, it makes you feel inferior and can cause you to be depressed or to have hate for others.

The ego is active and passive, but the spirit is centered and helps you to reach your higher self.

  • Eating Meat

When you go through your spiritual awakening you might feel that you no longer want to eat animal products or meat. This can cause people to not understand but this does not mean that you become a vegetarian, it just means that you realize the importance of animals and you care more about them than eating them.

  • Sensitivity

If you have a sensitivity to eating animals all of a sudden, this can mean that you are connecting more with your spiritual body and you are becoming more aware.

Even if you have eaten meat for all of your life, your conscious mind is increasing, and these feelings can change and put you at a different level.

If you feel aggressive or fear before an animal is killed, there is a chance you will stop eating meat. You might feel that this change is part of your internal experience and part of the growth of your body and mind.

  • Acid

People stopped eating meat in the 60’s and they decided to use drugs instead to expand their mind. Individuals became vegetarians and they would plant medicine so that they could use substances instead of eating meat.

Some practices only eat meat when they are ill, and they eat vegetables and fruit all of the other times.

Does This Mean You Have to Stop Eating Meat to Be Spiritual?

You do not have to stop eating meat to be spiritual. Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t make you spiritual and just because you do eat meat does not mean you are not spiritual. This is just what you are feeling and what to do with those feelings.

  • Testing This

If you feel different when you eat meat, stop eating it for about three months. Then you will see what kind of discomforts you have and what you want to do next.

  • Plants

Plants are alive but you can become stronger when you eat plants. The difference between plants and animals is that plants do not have blood, organs, brains, or a heart.

When you go through your awakening, you might feel that eating meat is like being a cannibal and you might choose to stop just because of this.

  • Protein

Protein is an important part of your body and if you stop eating meat, chances are that you will not get sick as much. You can still find proteins in plants and other foods.

Approaching the Spiritual Awakening

Some people will see the spiritual awakening as a physical and emotional thing.

If you are meditating and practicing mindfulness, chances are that you will develop your spirit and your mind. You will learn to let go of your ego.

Mediation is important and it will help you to stay calm and collected. You can be quiet during this time and reflect on your awakening.

Learn to see things from a different perspective and learn that there are barriers such as fear and guilt that will thwart your awakening, but you need to handle these things along your path.

A spiritual awakening happens when you become aware of what is going on in your mind, body and soul and you choose to change.

You will change who you are, and you will no longer let your ego control you. You will learn to support yourself and to allow natural development to come.

You will see that your spiritual journey will disconnect you from many things but connect you to new things along the way.


A false spiritual awakening will be that your ego gets bigger and you think that you are better than others.

There are some signs of your spiritual awakening that are positive and here they are:

  • You learn to have authority in your own being.
  • You have a sense of responsibility that you have never had before.
  • You become responsible for your own thoughts and emotions.
  • You change the way that you behave.
  • You see the value in the spiritual world.
  • You lose interest in the material world.
  • Things start to slow down.
  • You learn to accept and move forward from your past.
  • You are calmer and you are deeply connected with your inner being.
  • You focus more on your inner being than the environment around you.
  • You learn to be free.
  • You become light and happy.

The key to reaching your spiritual awakening is to keep moving forward until you get where you want to be. Learn to allow your mind to be free and accept what is going on in your life. Love yourself and love others and the universe will reward you for what you have done and what you are doing.