Learn to Do Palm Readings

Learn to Do Palm Readings

Palm reading, palmistry or chiromancy is a practice that has been around for many, many years. This is something that was a tradition from the Indian times and was common in areas such as China, Babylon, Sumerian and more. These were ways that people could find out things such as their love life, personality, and their future.

The readers were able to tell things about people based on the size of their palms, the dips, and folds of their palm and more.

People would do palm reading because they would want to be able to help people through things in their life. This is something that is a skill that some psychics have, and it is easy to have but hard to develop. A palm reader has strong intuition and the practice can be improved as long as the practice.

Hand Shape

People often assume that palm reading is only lines on the hand but the truth is that there are details that are part of your hand, palms and fingers and that they indicated things such as what element you have rather it is air, fire, water or earth.

The element and shape of your hand doesn’t have to do with astrology, but it has to do with the characteristics that define and represent who you are.

Earth Hands

If you have an earth hand it means that your fingers will be short, and your hands are square. This person will be logical and reliable, but they will take the details of their life and will obsess over them. This kind of situation in their life can cause them to not be able to move forward.

Fire Hands

Fire hands re people that have long palms and their fingers are short. These people are fiery and passionate, and they work hard. Most of these people attract others because they are very confident, and they communicate well.

People with fire hands allow their emotions to rule them and they have a hard time forgiving.

Air Hands

Air hands are people with tiny, bony fingers and knuckles and their palms are a square shape. These people are smart and like to be healthy. They are curious and communicate well.

These people make good friends and they often get bored if they do not stay busy in life.

Water Hands

Those that have long fingers and palms are water hands. These are people that are creative but sensitive in life. They are aware of their emotions and they have strong intuition. These people are psychic and are able to handle their stress because of their abilities.

Left or Right Hand

When you get a palm reading you need to give your dominate hand for them to read. Most people are right handed but the dominate hand should be used for reading even if you are left-handed. This can help to show your personality and your characteristics.

Using your dominate hands will help the reader to understand your life.

Mounts and Plains

The way that your hand is shaped with dips and mounts can help the reader to know more about you. There are different planets in this including Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Moon and Sun and when the mounds have a lot of flesh, this can mean positivity and when it is sunken, you need to improve your life.

Mount of Jupiter

This is the mount that is at the top of your index finger. This shows if you are a leader or not.

Mount of Saturn

This is at the base of the middle finger and symbolizes wisdom and integrity.

Mount of Apollo

This area represents the sun and is found below the ring finger. This is where your joy and energy are found.

Mount of Mercury

This is found at the end of the pinky finger. This can show how smart you are and how well you can talk to others.

Mount of Venus

This area is responsible for your sexuality and it controls your emotions. This is found below the thumb.

Palm Lines

The lines on your hand can tell about your future. The mounds tell about your personality and your lines tell what is going to happen in your life.

When the lines run parallel or intersect it will mean different things. The palm reader will remember the names of the lines so that they know what they are talking about.

Head Line

This is where your intelligence lies. This is in the center of the palm and shows your mental ideas. If the line is wavy it means that you are doing things that are against what is normal. A break in the line can mean you have problems in your life:

  • If there is no head line, this means you are sluggish and lazy.
  • A small line can mean you have problems remembering things.
  • A deep line means good memory.
  • A short line means you are practical.
  • A long line means you are successful in life or selfish.
  • A straight line can mean you are organized.
  • A wavy line means short attentions pan.
  • A curved line means you are creative.
  • A head line that starts at the life line means you are strong willed.
  • A head line that is separate from the life line means you are adventurous.
  • A broken line means you do not have straight thoughts.
  • Crosses can mean you have important decisions to make.
  • Chain lines mean you have conflict.

Heart Line

The heart line is the first horizontal line on your palm. This is above the headline and tells about your love life. The heart line has to do with all things of love.

If the heart line starts at the index finger and has few breaks it means you have a good love life. If it starts at the middle finger and bends it means you have rocky partnerships. Fractures do not mean that you will cheat on your partner.

Here are some things the heart line can mean:

  • If it starts below the index finger it means you are picky about love.
  • If it begins below the middle finger it means you fall in love fast.
  • If there is no heart line it means you use logic and not emotions.
  • If it is at the fate line it means you find little to do with emotions.
  • A short and straight line means you worry about romance.
  • A long and curvy line means you are expressive about your emotions.
  • A wavy line means you are serious with your relationships.
  • A heart line and head line that are parallel means you handle your emotions good.
  • A heart and life line that touch means you get heartbroken easily.
  • A broken heart line means you have emotional trauma.
  • Chained lines mean you are depressed.

Life Line

The life line is found under the head line. This won’t tell how long you will live, and you should never ask that if you get a reading. People that do not really know how to do palm reading will use this line to tell that and it can cause the person getting the reading to be stressed.

If the line is deep it will mean people will have rewarding things happen to them. If it is short it doesn’t mean anything bad or disastrous it just means that nothing notable will happen.

Here are some other things the life line will mean:

  • If there is no line this means the person is stressed.
  • A faint line means a lack of energy.
  • Long deep lines mean the person will be healthy.
  • Curvy lines mean a lot of energy.
  • A line going to the thumb means the person gets tired easily.
  • A break can mean a change in life.
  • Broken lines mean a serious injury is coming.
  • Chained lines mean the person might have health problems.

Fate Line

The fate line tells what kind of choices a person makes. This line can be found in the vertical crease and the center of the palm. This line changes most and it can be different when things happen in your life.

Here are some things about the fate line:

  • A deep line means that you want to be successful.
  • If it starts at the life line it means you know your purpose.
  • If there is a break in the line it means a clear path in the future.
  • If there are many breaks it can mean you will have different events in your career.
  • If there is no fate line it can mean that you will change your career and your interests over time.

Sun Line

The sun line is the vertical line under the ring finger.  This can show successes in your life and influence of others.

Here are some things about the sun line:

  • A deep line can mean that you will be successful.
  • A faint line means you are working on your skills.
  • A clear line means you love art and literature.
  • A break in the line can mean that you have overcome past things and become successful.
  • A parallel to the fate line can mean you have a good reputation.
  • If there is no sun line, then you need to learn to enjoy life more.

Is it Real?

People often wonder if palm reading is real and accurate. Many people think that this kind of reading helps to tell of their success. Psychics will use their intuition to perform an accurate reading.


No one can really tell the future, but the palm reader can give cues into your future because of your life path and your personality.

They use their skills and their intuition to give you information about your journey.

What are Palm Readers Called?

Palm readers are called many different things such as:

  • Palm readers.
  • Chirologists.
  • Hand readers.
  • Hand Analysists.
  • Palmists.
  • Psychics.
  • Clairvoyants.

It takes time to develop the gift of palm reading and it allows people to be open to their identity and the purpose in their lives.