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How to Protect Yourself from Psychic Vampires

How to Protect Yourself from Psychic Vampires

Energy vampires are known in the psychic world as people that come and spread their negative energies to you, and they take away your positive energies. This has to do with people that are narcissists, manipulators and those that are deceitful in your life.

Psychic Vampire

A psychic vampire is people that are predators to someone else’s feelings and energy. They come in the physical world and they will prey on you. You might not even realize that this kind of person is around you and you may not even know there is a problem.

When you think about an energy vampire, you have to learn to understand them and then to learn how to be protected.

A psychic vampire should not be felt bad for, they need compassion, but they are also needing to be kept at a distance so that they can stop taking the energy from others. A regular child that grows into a psychic vampire is one that has had traumatic or negative experiences. This can be something that happened with their parents that caused them to have no self-esteem and caused them to grow up to feed on the feelings of others.

Psychic vampires are people that know what we need and can change our mood in a second. They always think they are the victim and when they look at themselves, they think that they are being mistreated when they are treating others badly. They know the right things to say at the right times and people that are good hearted will think that a psychic vampire is good and is someone to take care of.

The cause of a psychic vampire is that they have a hard time knowing what they are feeling, and they do things that cause them to judge others and to seek the power of being lifted up by others.

People that are victim to a psychic vampire will have little energy, will be tired all the time, and will have a hard time being motivated. These people also might even have a physical illness, depression, or diseases.

Things happen in their spirit and the energy is so draining that the person suffers a great deal. If the vampire does not get resisted, they will keep taking other energies until someone stops them.

When we live our life, we have little energy because of the things we have to achieve in a day. This can cause us to be unprotected and tired in our body, mind, and spirit. When this happens, it can cause stress to set in and cause us to not be able to deal when things come up such as an energy vampire.

When someone that is tired has to deal with an energy vampire, they are in danger of their lifeforce being taken over and this can leave them feeling drained and angry. The energy vampire is a thief and can cause you pain.

Knowing an Energy Vampire

It can be hard to identify an energy vampire unless you know what to look for. Pay attention to people that you are around and see how they make you feel.

Look at people and see if they are acting like you act. Someone that is going to steal your energy will mirror your moves and this is a technique so that you do not see what they are doing.

We do not usually see ourselves as victims but when we are attacked, we don’t even know it until we are suffering. When an energy vampire knows how to take your energy, they will use it to better themselves no matter where that leaves you.

Personal Shopper

An energy vampire will look for the perfect person to shop from or steal their energy from. They will go out where they are so that they can find a victim to their emotions. If you befriend an energy vampire, they will bring you things such as televisions or clothing so that you can show them thankfulness.

When you take these gifts, you are allowing them to use them against you at another time. This is one tactic of an energy vampire.


An energy vampire will be your biggest critic. They will judge you and make you feel that no one could love you or care about you. They will make you feel that you are disagreeable and crazy. They will gaslight you and make you feel that there is no hope in your life.

When this happens, you have to take a stand. You cannot let an energy vampire steal your joy. Learn now so that you do not suffer later.

Psychic Vampire Test

One way you can tell if someone is a psychic vampire is when they are in a group of people. See how they act and see if they change depending on who they are talking to. An energy vampire will change and will take on the personality of others.

Another test you can do is to set boundaries. If an energy vampire is in your midst, they will have a hard time keeping the boundaries. Protect yourself and your space. Boundaries do not allow energy vampires to steal your joy and it will keep you safe.

Boundaries are an energy vampire’s enemy because they want you to do what they want so that they can take advantage of you. Always reinforce your boundaries and do not let them push against them.

Recognizing an Attack

You will have symptoms after an attack such as having no energy, being tired, not wanting to be around people and feeling sick. When someone is talking to you and you have these feelings, chances are they are an energy vampire.

Energy Vampire and Empaths

An empath and an energy vampire often go hand in hand because an energy vampire will prey on an empath. Since an empath is kind, giving and a good listener, this is what an energy vampire is looking for.

An empath is like an emotional sponge and an energy vampire loves to give their negative energy to others, making an empath a huge target. They will take their goodness and take advantage of it over and over again.

If you are tired or angry all the time, it could be that you are dealing with an energy vampire. Do not let them ignore your boundaries and do not let them close to you. Stay protected from these people and cut them completely out of your life if you have to.


You have to protect yourself from an energy vampire and you can only do this when you know what you are dealing with. You have to understand who they are and how to know when you meet one. Learn what you can do so you do not become a target.

Keep in mind that you have boundaries and you need to set them.

Knowing You

You have to know who you are and what you stand on to protect yourself. You do not have to always be the hero and even if you have a good heart, know that you have to protect it. Do not let psychic vampires take advantage of you.

When you lower your boundaries, they will be there to attack, and you have to learn to be strong and to stand up to them.


Energy vampires are in our world even today. They re there to take your energy and to make it negative. They can take something good and turn it into something bad. You are the solution o this problem and you have to protect yourself.

Make sure that you are able to recognize when an energy vampire comes to you. This can be detected by knowing who you are. If you are being gaslighted, accept it and move on. Do not play a game with them.

Do not allow them to take your light. Fight the shadows no matter how they come. When you have light and you are kind and conscientious of what is happening then you have power to stop it.

Have freedom by not allowing people to bring you down or to put their darkness on you. Let the world heal you and address the problems that you are having.

Create your own reality and make sure that you know what your purpose is and how to achieve it. If you have trouble knowing what you are dealing with or what kind of interactions you are having with people, ask your spirit guides or your psychics to help you. This is something you can work through and you can be strong if you pay attention to what is happening around you.

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