Connecting with Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are waiting to help, but you must ask first. Spirit guides are specially chosen for each individual, devoted to their growth. They are perfectly suited to your highest calling and have often walked the earth many times before with collective wisdom. There are several separate ways to develop a relationship with them that are shared below.


Spirit guides will be no help if you do not clearly ask. However, they can help with the simple, like finding your car or the hardest moments in your darkest hours. All we have to do is ask for whatever is needed or wanted at the moment.

Detach Yourself

We must be willing to let go of what we expect a spirit guide to share or look and act like in order to deepen the relationship with them. Let go of what is expected and receive them in the way they choose to get closer.

Attunement Meditation

Using attunement meditation makes it easier to connect with guides on their frequency. Set aside a special time to try this. Attunement meditation is used to enhance healing, boost resilience, and reduce stress. Many forms of guided meditation can be found online to help you get started.


Give your guides a recognizable way to communicate by choosing a specific object. For example, choose something symbolic to you and then watch as the guides leave them in your pathway. You may also want to create a guidance box in which you write down your question and fold it, leaving it in the box so they can send an answer.

Sacred Space

Create a sacred space for communication. This can be anywhere you choose but spend time in that space daily to interact with guides. It may take some time. One great way to connect is through intuitive writing. Sit in your space and light a candle while sitting down with a journal and two differently colored pens. With one color, write out your question, lift the second, and start writing as the spirits lead. Do not think, just write. For help in specific areas, ask for guides in the same area.

No Micromanaging

A great leader is clear about a task but trusts the team to do the work. Approach spirit guides in the same manner. Be clear with what you want, then trust that they will do what is necessary. Keep a journal to track any visions, hunches, or guidance received. This gives you a reference for later on.


Sleeping allows many to connect with guides. Ask your guides to come to you just before you fall asleep, then record anything you dreamed of as soon as you awake. Be open to any information you receive, even if it does not make total sense.

Connecting to your spirit guides is simple with a bit of practice. Try it today by being polite, being in the right head space, and seeking what you need. The spirits will help.