Clarifying What a Karmic Twin Flame Really Is

Clarifying What a Karmic Twin Flame Really Is

Over time we have heard more and more about the karmic twin flame. By studying this concept, we can recognize certain patterns that move from karmic soulmate to true twin flame relationships. However, a karmic twin flame is not necessarily a twin flame but a karmic soulmate. So, what is the difference between a true twin flame and a karmic one?

Karmic Twin Flame

Karmic twin flames are often called false twin flames because they are so much like actual twin flames in many ways. However, there are some differences to watch for:

  • True twin flames share the same soul type; karmic flames do not.
  • When meeting for the first time, a true twin flame will feel like looking at yourself in someone else’s body, but not with a karmic flame.
  • Karmic flames feel like meeting an old friend or lost love. This will become more obvious with time.

Karmic Relationships

karmic relationship has a purpose. We are to meet the ones we have a soul contract with, but this only happens if we are on our soul path. This type of relationship allows and encourages personal growth. Karmic twin flame relationships are designed to help you fix and find your flaws so a true twin flame can be discovered. Karmic twin flame relationships are usually the last person before meeting your twin flame. As the relationship progresses, the karmic nature will be obvious, with ups, downs, and arguments. You will feel attached, even if you would rather not be.

Breaking It Off

When it is time to break it off, when that attachment is seen for what it truly is, karmic, then you should walk away. You will have learned what was needed, and you will both need to move on to true twin flames. When you look back on the relationship, you may not have many happy memories, but you will see their purpose. The purpose being preparation is true happiness with a true twin flame.

Now you understand and can easily identify the type of flame you are dealing with in life.