Recognizing Karma Relationships

Karma Relationships

Most people will go through multiple karmic relationships over their life.  These relationships are usually more of a lesson than true love.  Karmic relationships are not the same as a soulmate or twin flames relationships, and they are mostly sent by the Universe so that we can grow as individuals.

Here are some signs of being in a karmic relationship:

  • Patterns

If you have a relationship that seems to be off and on, this is a sign of a karmic relationship.  This is the type of relationship that has problems and should send up a red flag.  These relationships are usually just for learning purposes; you learn when you let them go. The lessons are meant to be learned before this type of karmic relationship will totally disappear from your life.

  • Selfishness

Karmic relationships are not always healthy, and sometimes they are self-serving.  These are relationships that can be abusive and ones that people are not very invested in, and the one that is invested sees things differently than the other. Make sure you can look at a relationship objectively and judge it accordingly.

  • Addictive

These relationships have highs and lows, and they can be great one minute and bad the next.  Either you or your partner might have different ideas of what love should be, and there are different reasons why this relationship might not work out. If you continually go back to a poor relationship, it is likely karmic. Learn the necessary lesson and move forward instead.

  • Controlling

People in karmic relationships are often times obsessive and controlling.  You might be the one that lets your partner be the center of your Universe and base a lot of happiness on them, but the truth is, you aren’t able to see their flaws. Again, be objective and listen when others point out red flags, you may need to move on from the relationship.

  • Destiny

Some karmic relationships are ones where you feel you cannot live without them.  You feel that you are meant to be with them, and you cannot understand why things keep going the way they are.  Of course, you want the relationship to be right, and they are hard to resist, but you aren’t getting anything good in return. It may be hard but you need to let go.

  • Connection

You might have a relationship that has a strong connection, and you feel that you are attached to them instantly.  You will probably be attracted to them the second you see them. Love at first sight is rare so make sure the connection is real not fleeting.

  • Dependent

This type of relationship makes you feel consumed and always occupies whatever you do.  You cannot stop thinking about them or being with them and become dependent on them. Codependency is never healthy, so do what is best for your and your partner’s health and move on.

  • Fears

A karmic relationship can bring things to the surface that you don’t love.  You might begin to feel afraid of being abandoned or afraid that they will reject you. Confront these fears and grow as a person, then move on with your life path.

  • Irrational

These relationships make you vulnerable and insecure.  You might stop liking who you are and find that you are doing things you would never do. Healthy relationships build each person up and challenge them to do better, not create fear.

  • Dark Side

These people will show you that you are difficult and bring out your bad characteristics.  They will remind you how human you are and that you make many mistakes. Confront your errors and make yourself better then move on to something better.

  • Unpredictable

You might find that you don’t know what to expect in these relationships.  Yet, you want to be in a good relationship and will let go of yourself for it.

  • Buttons

This type of relationship’s purpose is to learn to love yourself and the people around you.  In addition, they will show you that you cannot control what happens and that you need to work on yourself. Life is largely uncontrollable, accept that and do your best.

  • Lasting

Most of the time, the karmic relationship will not last.  They will not be your fairy tale ending, and there will be more conflict than there is love.  These relationships are generally unhealthy and do not last for very long. Let them go so you can find real love and a healthy relationship.