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Balancing Your Chakras

Do not let your life be overwhelming and know that you can wake up each day and feel happy and refreshed in your life.  If you feel that you are always waking up and you are full of aches or pains, or if you are dealing with being tired all the time or burnt out, chances are your chakras are not balanced.

Over time, you will notice that stress will affect you physically and mentally.  You will see that your body no longer is able to run and always feels down.  Even if you are following the right diet and you are working out, your spiritual energy can affect your wellbeing and you can see that your energy is affected by people around them.

Instead of using practices to deepen your energetic feelings or to increase your clarity, you have to figure out how to get your chakras to be balanced.  This way, you can deal with stress and life challenges easier.  By balancing your chakras, you will find that you are able to visualize your happiness and take away your life stresses.

You should practice meditating for around 20 minutes each day.  This can allow you time to balance your chakras and overcome stress.  This will help you to stay focused and to have more energy.


One way to balance yourself is to imagine that there is a bubble that is surrounding you.  Imagine that the bubble is completely around you and that you are full of energy.

Spend time in this bubble and when you are relaxed and focused, you can move on,


Make sure that you pay attention to everything that you are doing in your life.  Ground yourself by imagining the color red surrounding you and making you whole.

Balance in the Crown Chakra

At the top of your head is your crown chakra.  This is the place that you need to cleanse and pay attention to.  If you feel that your head is tingling, you can imagine that a cone is spinning clockwise in front of you and on your head.

Let the bubble that you are in fill with white light and let it go all the way through your whole body.

Forehead Chakra

Between your eyebrows is the third eye chakra.  Imagine a cone spinning clockwise on your forehead and let the chakra open.  See the energy around you in your minds eye.  Relax and let your forehead be calm and open your eyes.

Let your bubble fill with other colors such as blue indigo because this is the color that is associated with the throat chakra.  This will help you to meet your needs and give you the ability to hear others.

Heart Chakra

Take time to imagine the light coming down to your heart chakra.  Let the heart chakra open and feel the area in your chest getting bigger.  Let this fill will love.  This color is bright green and let the color green fill your bubble.

Solar Plexus

Next, open up your solar plexus which is found under your ribs.  This chakra is colored yellow and gives you a unique personality.  This chakra has to be balanced because it gives you power in yourself.

Let your bubble fill with his yellow color and enjoy deepening your feelings and show off your talents.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is located down by the belly button.  The sacral chakra is associated with orange and is where you have creativity and sexual energy.  You can feel other people’s emotions with this chakra.

Fill your bubble with orange and open up your imagination.

Cover the Body

Imagine that the light is coming from your head to your toes and it will travel down all through your body.  This will create a solid protection for your entire body and will protect and open up your energy field.  Take a deep breath and allow the energy to flow through your body.

When you take these steps, you will see that things can be challenging, and you might want to surround yourself with the color that you need to strengthen.  You can do this by the colors you wear, the foods you eat and painting things with those colors.

These things will help to strengthen you and take away your stress.  They will open up your body and charge your chakras so you can be happy, stress free, full of love and understanding and your body can be healthy.

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