4 Ways to Optimize Your Energy Levels

Optimize Your Energy Levels

Feeling like you have lost motivation or that you are constantly tired?  Have you found yourself more susceptible to people taking advantage of you?  You most likely have misaligned spiritual energy.

Use these four vital techniques to ground yourself, enjoy a balanced day and heal from past hurts:

  1. Tap into the Universe’s Rhythm

All energy comes from a unique input.  For example, picture how your home or work’s electrical signal comes into through an external box connected to the utility’s powerlines and then shared throughout the building through outlets into an individual item’s cord.  The same is true of how we as individuals receive energy from the Universe or the Divine.

When you connect to the innermost love and light of the Universe, you can be receptive to its flow of spiritual energy.  Begin by grounding yourself mentally into the earth.  Picture yourself as a tree with roots going deep into the ground.  Feel the gentle pulses of universal energy.  Let it flow up into you and then radiate throughout your body.  Breathe deeply and allow this energy of love and light to travel up your chakras and out of your head.  Picture this wellspring of bliss and positivity to travel across the world and cascade back down into the earth.  This is the flow of life.

  1. Polish your Auras

When your energy is out of synch or tainted by excess negativity, your spiritual fields suffer.  Spiritual fields are our auras, a composite of magnetic particles that vibrate with distinct colors and purposes.  Like a physical light, auras won’t shine if energy is blocked.  If you are stressed, angry, frustrated, or exhausted, your aura’s colors are drastically dimmed, and the lack of vibrations prevents you from receiving vital lessons or opportunities from the Universe.

You can cleanse your auras by coning.  Start by bringing the fingers of your left hand together into a point.  Next, place these pointed fingers on the right side of your head, just below your hairline.  Next, repeat the process with the right hand and left side of your head.  Hold the position for 15 seconds, then reverse the cross that your hands make (having the right coned hand now being over the left coned hand) and hold this position for an additional 15 seconds.  This practice serves to reset the various fuses that make up your auratic field and lets your overall energy circulate better throughout your physical, mental, and spiritual body.

  1. Release Your Pain

Find a quiet spot where you can sit and talk with your body.  Start by settling into a comfortable pose and take a few diaphragmic breaths.  Scan your body for areas that are bothersome for you.  Continue breathing and direct that cleansing breath into each area of concern.  Ask each area what this pain is trying to tell you.  Allow pure, white, holy light to enter you and encompass each pain spot.  Let the light encapsulate the pain healing it from the inside out, and leave particles of loving-kindness behind.  End by journaling the message that the pain initially gave you.  By understanding the root of the pain, you can begin to heal any systemic problem fully.

  1. Guard Your Spiritual Body

Much like any physical structure, you must protect your inner sanctum.  With a house, we guard ourselves and belong with doors and walls.  Our spiritual bodies are similar; without any barrier, we leave ourselves vulnerable to energetic depletion, psychic leeches, or even attacks.  Energy vibrations are exchanged between living creatures through actions, behaviors, or even words.  Remember when your Mom told you to smile and “fake it until you make it?”  Energy and moods are contagious, and we frequently pick up the mood of our loved ones.

You must learn to shield yourself if you are worried about picking up negative energy.  Begin by picturing a spring of white radiant light bubbling up from near your feet.  Then, comb it upwards and outwards until your whole body is covered in this light.  Finally, picture it crystalizing around you, protecting you from anything that could harm you.  This light is love from the Divine and enables you to commune with the Universal energy flow while keeping you safe from any psychic or spiritual attacks.  Repeat this practice whenever you are entering a crowded space, feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable to negativity.  Over time you should see an increase in maintaining positivity and productivity.

Using these techniques will help optimize your energy level and help as you continue on your journey. Try the techniques for a few weeks and watch as your energy increases and you feel better overall.