Are You Seeking Your Perfect Romance?

Perfect Romance

Is there such a thing as a perfect romance? If there is such a thing as a companion for the rest of your life, how do you know when you will meet them? But, more importantly, how do you know if you have already met them. It is a commonly expected need to find our perfect match.  Our soul mate.

If such a thing exists, what happens if we never find them? Will we ever be happy?  Can happiness find us without our perfect match?

Is it just a fantasy?

Think for a minute about your past romances. Catalog the things you loved and hated about them. Did the most charming and dashing of them forget the important things like your birthday or trivial things like taking out the trash? Or did the romantic and thoughtful sweetheart truly hate your best friend? Did your intellectual match isolate himself and you as well?  If you had the chance to build a perfect match with all of the good traits and none of the bad, would you?

Is it a mistake?

Think for a minute before you agree to build the perfect mate.  You are taking on a thankless and impossible task.  Real people aren’t supposed to be perfect. Perfection is an impossible fantasy, and expecting anyone to fit that mold is not fair.  How would you feel if you were told you had to be the perfect mate for someone else? You would drive yourself crazy just trying.

Don’t disregard your chances

In our world of online dating and multiple websites filled with potential matches, it is far too tempting to pass on someone thinking you can just order another one up on the pictorial menu.  Unfortunately, you may be cutting someone from the herd far too soon. So what if the first date was a little awkward, maybe you had fun, and your date had a great sense of humor.  Give it a chance.  If you have been in a relationship for some time and are having difficulties, remember that no one is perfect and that part of the journey is sticking with all of the trials and tribulations.

Learn by your own example

Make the most of the relationship you have. Love your current partner in the way you would like to be loved.  Be as patient, accepting, and affectionate with your partner as you would like to be treated.  You have to give love to receive. Remember, you are not perfect either and it is the imperfection that keeps life interesting.

See challenge as an adventure

An old saying states that anything worth having is worth working for. The same thing goes for a romance.  The day-to-day work involved with a relationship is not any easier if one of you is flush with cash or a dead ringer for a supermodel. Adversity comes to everyone, no matter who they are or what their circumstances are.

Don’t lose out

If you’re looking for your perfect romance, you are in for a long and lonely search.  Don’t overlook the kind, generous people who have some flaws to add to their charm.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to be loved just because you are seeking perfection.  Love completely and passionately, and you will find your own kind of perfection.

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