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Animal Afterlife Signs

Animal Afterlife Signs

Many people wonder if animals have an afterlife and what will happen to their pets when they pass over to the other side. People wonder if animals go to heaven but communicating with animals in the after life is different than the way that humans communicate after they die.

Once an animal dies, you might want to have a sign from them and sometimes the universe will make it possible for the animal to communicate with you.

No Promise

Even though you really want to hear from your animal friend, this does not always happen. You cannot force an animal to talk to you in the afterlife and if it is not the will of the universe then it can be dangerous to open up portals of communication with your animals. This can allow the fallen angels to deceive you.

The best way is to ask the universe to send you a message from your animal that has died. This can be a desire that you have and maybe you will get a sign from your animal and then you can express your love to them. This can go from the heaven to the earth.

Once you have asked, you have to have an open mind and learn the way to communicate when it is the right time and as long as the universe approves it.

Animal messages can pass from one dimension to another and they do not have any control over time or space, and you need to stay encouraged while you wait to see if you hear something. You can talk to your departed animal if this happens and you will be able to allow them to visit you when they want to.

You can get visits from your dead pets if the universe allows it.


You have to be open to messages and signs and you need to make sure that you have a close relationship with your spirit guides through meditation and that you are able to practice your spiritual communication. That way you can hear messages when they come to you and you can improve your intuition which will help you to communicate better.

It is important that you know that negative emotions can cause you to have more grief. It can cause you to have negativity and anger and it can cause you to not be able to work through your grief. You have to learn to have trust and to have peace with your loved pet that you miss.

You can send the messages to your animal and let them know that you are struggling but you will have to understand that you have strong emotions and that you can create a barrier of awareness with your animal. Talk to them and let them know what you are feelings.

Signs and Messages

When you ask for help from your spirit guides, you can have messages in different forms from your animals such as:

  • Telepathic messages.
  • Smells that remind you of your pet.
  • A feeling like your animal rubbed against you.
  • Sounds like barking or meowing.
  • Dreams.
  • Written messages.

Pets want to communicate with you, and they have lower vibrations than people do. Their communication can be easier and simpler than people messages.

Animals will have energies that will work through different dimensions and can help you to get messages from your guides and can guide you to feel better and can bring energies through any form.

If you experience this, you will have a spirit called a totem which is a spirit that looks like an animal. It is really an angel or a spirit guide and can have the energy form of the animal so that you can get your message.

When you experience this, you will be able to get the help that you are looking for, especially if you are in some kind of danger. This will be a relationship from your animal friend.


Since you want a message, you will have this from your heart because of your love for your animal while it was alive on earth. You can be reunited with this animal in some other dimension and sometimes you will share a bond that lasts forever.

The bond will be love and will give you the chance to get a sign from them or a message. Pets and people have always shared bonds, and these are connected even after the animal has departed.

When an animal communicates with people, they can send their spiritual energy to the earth and this is done so that they can comfort their person, and this can help to remind the person of their beloved animal friend.

Rather you get a sign or not, your animal can love you from heaven and can stay connected to you and will never lose your love.

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