Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

Angel card readings are growing in popularity, either as an option to Tarot or in conjunction with Tarot readings. A Tarot reading can be difficult with all the small, subtle details that must be learned, but angel cards are much less complex as a form of offering a reading and communicating with angels. Angel cards are also less intimidating as they tend to lean toward the comforting side.

Psychics and Angel Cards

You do not necessarily need to be psychic to read angel cards. However, psychics do often use angel cards as a tool. This tool is used to help the psychic tune in to the angels and bring through what is needed.

Angel cards are becoming much more popular for home use, for those who want to read for themselves or others. Some do it for fun or out of curiosity, but others have you draw to the cards with great interest. Some lose interest quickly, but others, finding the cards useful, keep them close at hand. It depends on the person. People use their intuition in different ways, so those who feel a stronger connection to the cards are the most likely to continue using them.

How They Work

Angels communicate with our subconscious, which is why angel cards work. Angels tell us when to stop shuffling, which cards to pull, and which to leave alone through our subconsciousness. This is a simple act for the angels, so we simply need to be relaxed and trust the outcome. Go with what feels right on your deepest levels.

Steps to Using Angel Cards Properly

Once you have purchased an angel deck that you are comfortable with, then you are ready to start. There are many decks available, but choose the one you like. All can be effective, but your comfort level can have an effect. Knowing you have a deck you like, you can get started.

  1. Greet your angels first by saying hello and asking for help in the reading. Be cordial and straightforward about your request.
  2. As you start to shuffle, bless the cards. This can be accomplished by entering a spiritual space to raise vibration levels and send love to the angels and your cards. Take just a moment to find peacefulness and gratefulness for the help.
  3. Before the first card is drawn, stop and focus on your question in silence. If the reading is for someone else, ask their question so you may focus on it. Keep the question in mind for a few moments, not allowing for intruding thoughts.
  4. Then continue to shuffle until it feels right to stop. When drawing only a single card, you have the option of splitting the deck and drawing off the top of the cut or not cutting the deck and drawing off the top.
  5. Separate this card from the rest and place it in front of you to get the message. The card will contain an answer, message, or clue for an appropriate answer to the question on your mind. The description will help you or the one getting the reading move forward through the issue.
  6. When doing a three-card spread, draw two additional cards off the top. There is no need to reshuffle unless you feel drawn to do so. Each card will have a relevant message.
  7. If you have more than one issue on your mind, the angels may take the opportunity to try to answer different questions with different cards. This can provide a deeper reading.
  8. Once the reading is complete, make sure to thank the angels for the answers. Their communication is a blessing. If you want more information or signs of confirmation, ask, and they will appear. These are known as angel signs.

Card Meanings

Each deck of angel cards will come with a booklet or guide with information about card meaning. This is important for a successful reading. If a card arises that you do not quite understand, ask for clarity and draw another to provide a better and clearer understanding.

There is never a mistake in a draw, so trust in the draw. However, you should not drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. If you figure it out later, then the answer is always there, or it may relate to another question you have. Angel cards are designed to be fun and light, so make sure to keep it this way.