7 Essential Truths about Karma

Essential Truths about Karma

Karma is a frequently misinterpreted term, leading to it being underappreciated by the public.  Karma is associated with the Sanskrit word karam, meaning action.  Thus, the Law of Karma reflects cause and effect, imploring us to acknowledge the consequences of our actions.  This is similar to the following common adages:

  • You reap what you sow
  • What goes around comes around
  • You get what you give
  • Everything comes around “full circle.”

Likewise, the philosophy of karma is found in an array of religions, which reinforces its importance in our lives.  But, first, we must process the following essential truths to understand karma better.

  1. Karma is always unbiased and balanced

The law of karma is neutral.  It is humanity that forces a lens of negativity or blessing on this philosophy.  No matter how much we want to believe otherwise, karma never has an agenda.  What needs to happen in our lives will happen.  We may enter into a soul contract to grow Universal consciousness as we navigate a karmic debt, but that is only a small part of a larger picture.  The Universe never has favorites and treats all souls as equals.  If you always fear the concept of karma, you will never be able to traverse how it works in your life.

  1. Gain clarity and be graceful about your debts

People frequently ask the Universe, “why are you doing this to me” when they are navigating times of turmoil.  Yet, just as a toddler can’t understand organic chemistry, humanity will never grasp the intricacies of the Universe or spirit realm.  Of course, we are still eager to try to learn, hence the influx of metaphysical and esoteric texts, but obsessing over what transpires is a waste of energy.  Instead, use the time to focus on identifying ways to clear your Karmic Debt as soon as possible.  The bigger the issue, the bigger the need for release.  However, asking the Divine to ease up is sending the message that you want this cosmic band-aid to be removed more slowly, thus creating more lingering pain.

  1. People aren’t jinxed

The concept of being “jinxed” installs fear and victimization.  Worse yet, focusing on this folly could delay the opportunities trying to be sent your way.  The Universe always course corrects.  What is meant for you will get to you in due time!  Barring any karmic debt, if you aren’t ready for something, it doesn’t mean you will never obtain it; it just means you need to do some more work on yourself before the time for it to enter your life is right.  If you are faced with a karmic debt, you will need to clear it before the opportunity can find you.

  1. Focus on building good karma

Make every action you do to build toward a brighter future.  Then, when you do good in the present, you won’t have to worry about the future because this positivity helps heal and override the consequences of your past as well! Good karma is built by being unselfish and doing good for the sake of doing good whether recognition follows or not. Even if you do not believe in karma this is an amazing way to live.

  1. Never act vengefully; it will only make your situation worse

We enter this life with spiritual contracts with other people in order to help clear up our karmic debts.  These situations will be uncomfortable because they force us to grow by either clearing our debt to you or creating our own destiny.  Never seek revenge in these interactions, or else you risk making things worse for yourself.  Of course, you should stick up for yourself, but act with love in your heart.  Get out of toxic relationships and lessen contact with people who make you feel like the worse version of yourself.  Hold fast to the truth to live in the moment, and know nothing can be “taken away.”  Your soul is indestructible and able to be deprived of anything.  Therefore, never attempt to take karma into your hands.  Your goal is never to add anything more to your spiritual plate.

  1. Never wish for karma to attack anyone

When you wish negativity on another person, you are setting yourself both up for failure.  You will create a toxic loop into motion that will be confining and draining.  You will create a series of “debts due” in this spiritual transaction that will linger for lifetimes to come.  Instead, focus on what this relationship is trying to teach you, especially in the spiritual sense.

  1. Make big steps forwards for impressive karmic changes

Don’t fear or avoid karmic law; learn to work with it!  Seize the moment to take control of your present situation and actions.  Be mindful and diligent with your actions and thoughts.  Remember, the harder you spin a wheel, the faster it turns.

Karma doesn’t justify everything.  Traumatic events like abuse, untimely death, or violence can create bitterness in our hearts.  Don’t over-philosophize what occurred, or else you may prolong your grief.  With time and grace, all wounds can heal, at least somewhat.  But understanding the cause and effect that governs karma law can teach you vital lessons.  By processing detachment, acceptance, mindfulness, and grace skills, you can become more appreciative of why things happen the way they do.  You can begin to see yourself as a student of the Universe and this law and find yourself becoming more practical and transcendent over your various life situations.