What is Karma?


People use the word karma all the time, and they think that it means that life will come after someone who does something wrong to them.

The real truth behind karma is that it is a reaction to everything you do and everything you put into the universe.

The interesting thing about karma is that there are so many different interpretations, and karma laws will help you be more positive and do better things in your life.


The meaning of the word karma is focused on destiny. Karma is not about being a victim; depending on what religion you follow; the definition of what karma means to you will change. This can be what you put into the universe and what you get back from it.

In some religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, karma means something different.

Karma and Hinduism

Karma in Hinduism is a principle that there is an action for each and every action that you put into the universe. This means that you will get goodness back if you are good to someone. This also works the other way around, such as if you are bad to someone, negativity will come back to you.

This is not an immediate reaction to what you do, and sometimes people will experience painful events because of karma that came from the past or even a past life.

How you live your life now can help you when you are rebirthed, so you need to make sure that you live a moral life.

Karma in Buddhism

Karma in Buddhism means that you will have both positive and negative things happen to you, depending on your intentions.

Some believe that karmic energy comes from how willful you are to do what you have to do in life. On the other hand, Buddhists believe karma will effect your life based on your actions, which can also come from a previous life and into the next life.

Buddhists will try to get good karma and will want to avoid bad karma, but the point of  Buddhism is so that you can reach your best life, called the Samsara.

12 Laws of Karma

No matter what religion you are, there are 12 laws of karma that are always happening around you, no matter what you are doing in your life.

When you choose to follow these laws, good things can happen to you. Here are some of the laws so that you can better understand them.

These laws can help you to realize that you can reach your goals and dreams and that karma can help you with this concept.

  • Law of Cause and Effect

The first law of karma is the law of Cause and Effect. This is the law that what you put into the universe, you will get back.

These can be positive or negative things, and the universe will duplicate them for you and send them back to you. So if you want peace and love, you will need to act loving and kind.

  • Law of Creation

The Law of Creation says that you have to do what you can in your life to reach your dreams. If you do nothing, then you will never get where you want to go, but if you try hard, you will be rewarded.

Ask the universe if you are unsure what your purpose is in life. You will get the answers that you need and know what you need to do to be happy.

  • Law of Humility

The Law of Humility is a law that means you have to understand something and learn to change it if you want it to be a reality.

Look at yourself and see what is going on in your life and what you really need to change. Look at the bad traits that you have and the negativity that you release. This can help you to be more about self-love and help you realize what you need to change to be better in your life.

  • Law of Growth

The Law of Growth means you have to change yourself instead of expecting those around you to change.

You cannot control what other people do but the more you change yourself, the better, and the more others around you will see they need to change.

  • Law of Responsibility

The Law of Responsibility says that you cannot blame others for what is happening in your life. You have to understand this law in order to be able to understand what karma is.

We mirror what is happening around us, and if we learn to be responsible in our own life, we will stop making excuses and then learn to make changes necessary to be better.

  • Law of Connection

The Law of Connection says that everything in the universe is energy-connected. This means you are connected with nature, your past, your present, and your future, and you can get rid of bad karma by changing what you have done wrong.

Each step you go through in life will make you a better person.

  • Law of Focus

The Law of Focus shows you that if you want to reach something in life, then you need to strive for it and believe in it.

Focusing on what you want in life will help you to be successful. However, if your goals are not good for you, then you need to fix what needs to be fixed before you set a new goal.

You have to focus on your emotions and your values and get rid of negative things such as anger, jealousy, or greed and have better values.

  • Law of Giving and Hospitality

The Law of Giving and Hospitality are ones that show you that you have to put action into your kindness to receive good things back.

You need to be truthful, and you need to do things to help others. This will demonstrate that you know this law.

  • Law of Here and Now

The Law of Here and Now says that you need to reflect on what has happened in your past but focus more on what is going on now. You will always be part of your past and future, but your present is where you need to change and do good things.

This will help you to enjoy life now and help you to have opportunities that can help you move forward.

  • Law of Change

The Law of Change will help you have a better and different future. You have to learn from things you have done wrong in your past, or you will keep repeating them over and over again.

If you are stuck in something negative, then change it and break the cycle.

  • Law of Patience and Reward

The Law of Patience and Reward says that you can be rewarded if you are patient and dedicate yourself.

Nothing comes instantly, and so if you want to achieve something good, you need to work hard towards it and find purpose in your life.

All goals have hard times, and nothing is easy, but if you keep pushing, you will be rewarded.

  • Law of Significance and Inspiration

The Law of Significance and Inspiration shows you that all your actions and thoughts will contribute to your karma.

No matter what kind of effort you put into things, you will inspire others, or you will cause a negative reaction from others.

Good and Bad Karma

There are ways that you can know the difference between good and bad karma, but that all comes from the Law of Cause and Effect.

Good Karma

If you do good and your actions and intentions are pure, you will have this reflected back to you.

When you put out positive energy around you, you will create a place that brings you good karma and positive thoughts.

Good karma will help you and help others, and if you set goals in life that are good and help others, you will put this positive energy into the earth by your actions and get rid of negative ties.

Bad Karma

Bad karma is, of course, the opposite of good karma. This is because all the negative thoughts and actions you put into the universe will return to you.

This karma is based on each person, and bad karma can come when you are jealous, angry, or full of greed.

What Karma Exists for You?

Look at your life and your actions and see what kind of person you want to be. Strive to be this person. Remember that only you can control your life, and so whatever path you take is up to you.

You will get this in return by being kind and loving towards others. Work hard for what you want so that you can reach your goals and have a good future.

For many people, karma is a way of life and part of a strong belief system, but for others it is just a simple term that is meaninglessly tossed around. Karma is real, but how you treat the concept is up to you.