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Using Planets to Develop Your Life

The astrological birth chart is used for you to be able to figure out who you are and to develop your mind, body, and soul. You have different areas in your life that need you to know what to do and what decisions to make.

People often look at their sun sign, the rising sign, and the moon sign but there is much more to the birth chart than people even know. Some people don’t even realize that the retrograded planets are part of your present and part of the lesson of your soul.

The retrograded celestial bodies can help you to know what is blocked in your life and can help you to develop your life and understand who you are.


Mercury is a retrograde and if you want to know who you are, you need to look at this sign. This can help you to know what you are going through and help you when you feel insecure about who you are.

This is a way to develop who you are where you can express yourself and you can learn more things about different perspectives.


Venus retrograde helps you to feel things and if you are introverted it can help you to get rid of negative issues and help you to find your self-worth.  There are different insecurities that are deep, and you can find your confidence to grow and to become more assertive.


This planet is a retrograde planet and is aggressive. This is for someone that has a hard time asserting themselves. If you want to have positive communication with people, you can do this without negativity.

The lessons that you learn will build your confidence and will help you to express yourself and whatever you desire.


Jupiter retrograde can help people to find their true path. It can bring luck and help those that are different to be humbled and to treat themselves the same as they treat others.

This is a way that you can find your weakness and strengths and balance your life and become an individual. You can help others and the community.


The Saturn retrograde can help those that are doubtful. This is for people that take the blame for everything that happens and those that are fearful and will not do things because of fear.

This is a lesson to be kinder to yourself and know that everyone makes mistakes. This has to work with their own strength to be aware of what is going on in their life.


This retrograde is for people that struggle but do not do anything to make things better. They allow suffering and feel like a victim. They fear change.

Know that change is good and that you have to stop being a victim. You have to learn to find your strengths and be strong in who you are.


Neptune retrograde is for people that are withdrawn. They do not like to let others see their real self or to be vulnerable. They are skeptical of most people and this can be hurtful in their life.

This lesson is for people to take more risks and to make more connections with those around them. They should dream more and be stronger in things they don’t’ understand.


The Pluto retrograde is for those that are independent, and they don’t want to ask people to help them. They worry about being manipulated and they like to be in control. They are used to negativity and they are afraid if they give in that they will have to listen to the negative remarks.

This lesson is to stop shutting people out of their life and make friends even when they make mistakes. You will have a hard road but will succeed.


This is a retrograde that helps with pain and can bring healing. The pain is from experiences and can cause people to question their life. The struggle is hard and is a burden to many.

Instead of trying to stop the pain, learn to accept that pain is part of life and that you can heal along the way. With this pain is growth and you will learn to understand that wounded people can be strong.

The celestial bodies are part of your birth chart and they can guide you to develop who you are and to grow.

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